Poet's Corner: American Green: Red Meat, White Milk & Blue Cheese

Posted: Thursday, June 17, 2010

by Brent Johnson, Clam Gulch

A cow does a lot more

than a lawn mower;

both can cut but just one chews.

The mower wades in

with blades all a-spin,

yet cow is all that ever moos.

A mower's sole task

is shortchanging grass,

its chisel faced blades will sure chop.

A cow cannot bite

like you and I might

she's got no incisors on top.

Mower's quick teeth

are carried beneath,

it seems they've a fancy for shoes.

Cow has an udder,

nearly a rudder,

it fills with delicious white juice!

A cow always walks

just like an ox;

her bell softly ringing with cheer.

A mower's low deck

thrashes like heck,

the racket is pruning your ear!

Kit fiddle us please!

the moon is blue cheese

and cow is just kicking to dance.

If ever the mower

thrusts like a blower

you'll be off like a chopper perchance.

Your lawn awaits

salubrious dates,

go out weekly and walk it.

Then pour a glass

of liquid grass,

sit back and stir in some chocolate.

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