Posted: Tuesday, June 18, 2002

There I was in the middle of my yard work and working on getting our chicken coup cleaned out when the phone rang. Chet Urdahl one of my co-workers from Ninilchik called and invited me to go fishing with him at Deep Creek. I was right in the middle of several projects so I told him sorry I couldn't go--WRONG! Turn down king salmon fishing and halibut fishing at Deep Creek with no halibut in the freezer? I simply did what any fishing fanatic would do, "What time should I be there Chet?" We agreed to meet at his house at 6 AM the next morning.

It just so happened that one of my favorite-fishing partners aIso had the day off and would jockey around a very busy schedule to also go fishing with us. This person has known me for twenty years but has only fished with me a very few times. Yet each time we fish together we have a good time and promise each other we need to do more fishing together. Besides here in Alaska we have also fished in several other states but just not very many times. In case you have not figured out who this person is....it is my wife Taby.

Taby and I drove to Ninilchik the next morning where we met Chet and Rick Carr at 6 AM. We were on the water fishing by 7 AM and found very few boats on the water that early. We started trolling for kings and by 7:30 I had the first king hooked. After a good fight we finally netted a bright feeder king that weighed about 20 lb.'s. A short time later Chet hooked one also that weighed around 30 lb.'s and by 8:00 we had two Kings in the boat.

Taby also hooked into a king but the line broke and I could see the disappointment in her eyes as the fish swam away. Last year the same thing happened to me so I know how disappointing it is to lose a nice fish. But yet it is still nice just being out there fishing and getting out of the house now and then. Especially if it is out of the chickens house!

We finally gave up on the King fishing and went out halibut fishing. Taby found the halibut a little more cooperative as she caught the first three fish before deciding her last was big enough to keep. We soon found the halibut biting so fast we had a couple on at once several times. I ended up catching one that was over 50 inches long. Even though we never weighed it I do believe it was my biggest halibut so far. I really enjoyed this fishing trip as I always do enjoy fishing of any kind. Birds of all kinds were on the water as well as a sea otter and a whale surfaced several times.

Soon as we got off the water we went to cleaning fish and vacuum packing them before heading home. We now have fresh halibut in our freezer and look forward to our next trip on the water.

I made that next trip to Deep Creek however we were unable to catch any kings on this outing. We did manage to put our limit of halibut in the boat on this trip too. After two straight trips to the salt water and not getting seasick on either trip, I'm getting addicted to this fishing too.

See You Next Week!

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