Is Child Support Enforcement Division above, beyond the law?

Posted: Wednesday, June 18, 2003

During the past two years we have witnessed in complete shock and horror the unethical and unlawful manner which the Child Support Enforcement Division has boldly directed against me while I have been trying to resolve my child support issues. If I had been able to afford an attorney, would it really have made a difference? The following are documented facts:

CSED has falsified legal documents from the Alaska Bureau of Vital Statistics. They have blatantly condoned welfare fraud on the part of my ex-wife. They have been in direct violation and contempt of standing court orders on three occasions.

CSED continued charging fraudulent support obligations garnered by my ex-wife and daughter for the past 17 months since she turned 18. CSED was well aware that my daughter was not attending school, that Hawaii had ceased her support when she turned 18, as by law, Alaska should have done.

These legal facts did not matter. The accrued 17 months of false support stands on the record. CSED released funds to my ex-wife "in error" while there was an indefinite hold order on the account by the court. To compound its "errors," CSED greatly compromised its integrity and code of ethics by having a sworn affidavit from its auditor giving a completely different disbursement date when these funds were released, as opposed to the actual date clearly indicated by CSED's own records.

CSED also issued a new withholding order, in direct contempt of court, to garnish my worker's compensation settlement. If I had not taken immediate action notifying the court, CSED's actions would have resulted in fatal consequences for me. I am undergoing a 2 1/2 year battle with ongoing cancer treatments, and desperately needed the settlement funds to receive a stem cell transplant for my Hodgkin's disease, which is my only chance for survival.

CSED had full knowledge of the severity of my ongoing medical condition, and the fact I have paid them in excess of $42,000 in the past four years. CSED charged support for a child that is not mine, but I was the "presumptive" father. CSED was aware of the biological father's identity within weeks of the child's birth, but chose to pursue me, since the biological father is a welfare father with several other children. CSED did not care, nor did it matter to the Kenai court system, that there are several Alaska Supreme Court rulings on this very same issue, nor did it matter that the biological father has acknowledged paternity of this child since the day of her birth.

I submitted to the court the numerous documentations proving the inaccuracies, alleged "errors" and falsehoods that CSED has committed. The court system appears to overlook CSED's contempt of court issues, its knowledge of fraudulent welfare charges and bogus support payments garnered by my ex-wife and daughter, CSED's falsifying legal documents and CSED's inaccurate accounting and constant lying practices in attempts to cover it up.

Is there no agency that oversees the integrity and lawfulness of CSED's practices? The court system certainly does not, nor does the attorney general's office. Where is the so-called "justice" in our judicial system?

William and Susan Bartlett, Soldotna

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