We the people’ had better wake up

Posted: Monday, June 18, 2007

I can’t believe we the people are just going to sit by and watch Dick Cheney and George Bush retire. They have lied to us and they need to be held responsible for the Iraq occupation and ongoing slaughter of our soldiers and of Iraqis. They lied to get us there, and they continued to lie about what is actually happening there, while their corporations (Halliburton) rake in the bucks with no bid contracts. It is as if none of us care.

It simply amazes me that it continues. What this regime has done with its power is horrifying. We the people need to impeach, and this regime all belongs in jail. The whole lot of them.

What gets me is that Dick Cheney wants more war, since this one is going so well, in his opinion, and it is scary that he just may get his way, as we sit by and watch and Iran becomes the next target.

We the people better wake up fast!

Amy Christiansen


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