Won’t be long before guides have river to themselves

Posted: Monday, June 18, 2007

Your recent article about the raising of horsepowered motors on the Kenai caused me to pause. I couldn’t help noticing that the two people you chose to include in the comments both decried the change. Then they both stated instead of purchasing a new 50 horse motor, they would just hire one of the numerous guides to fish in the future.

That’s just what the guides want. They already think they own the river, and now they are pushing more and more of us locals off. I won’t comment on my negative experiences with them over the years, but I have not fished with my boat for 5 years because of them and the “boat combat” fishing that has become the norm.

Few of us can afford the upgraded motors. We don’t get the commercial fisherman’s discount nor the tax break that might allow us to do this It’s just a matter of time it seems when guides are the only ones there at all.

Shawn A. Roberts


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