Second Kodiak harbor seal pup rescued, sent to Seward

Posted: Wednesday, June 20, 2001

KODIAK (AP) -- Another harbor seal pup from Kodiak, now two and a half weeks old, is recovering at the Alaska Sea Life Center in Seward.

The male pup was discovered abandoned on a beach on Kodiak Island's south side when it was just a few days old, said Natalie Noll, the rehabilitation veterinarian in charge at the center.

A Kodiak resident watched the pup on the shore for three days before picking it up and sending it in a cooler to Anchorage, where it was brought to the center, she said.

Noll said she expect the pup to fully recover.

Noll said it's normal for seals to be left alone for six to eight hours while their mothers forage for food, and people who see pups on their own should not assume they have been abandoned.

''We recommend an observation time of 12 hours, unless the animal looks excessively skinny or dehydrated,'' Noll said.

Three days of observation is too long, she said. She suggests people call the Sea Life Center for advice on whether pups need to be picked up.

Another Kodiak pup was sent to the center May 5 after a subsistence hunter from Old Harbor killed the mother and cut the pup from her womb.

The Sea Life Center hopes to release the seals after they reach a certain weight and are able to forage.

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