Course still needs some rain

Posted: Wednesday, June 20, 2001

Kenai Golf Course is still screaming for some rain. The tees and greens are watered regularly but the fairways are still waiting for some much-needed rain.

It seems only the dandelions are doing well in this unusually dry weather. Golfers continue to card some of their lowest rounds. Many golfers are taking advantage of the extra roll the dry fairways are offering now.

Ladies Night

The ladies enjoyed another Tuesday evening of golfing. The team that took first place included Pam Martinez, Betsy Arbelovsky and Lynne Reynolds. The team that took second place included Andrea Hodges, Nora Satathite, Karen Morris and Shelley Ramsey.

Closest to the No. 5 pin was Pam Martinez with 7 feet, 3 inches. Pam also took the longest drive on No. 6. Way to play, Pam! Pam also won the weekly door prize.

Ladies are invited to join the weekly Tuesday evening event. The shotgun start gets under way at 6 p.m.

Kenai Cup

The second week in the Kenai Cup competition was completed. In the Alaska Division the winners were the Dwight Kramer-Doug Haralson team, the Dick Morgon-Carol Morgan team, the Eldon Harvey-Ryan Harvey team, the Doug Jung-Dustin Jung team and the Greg Horton-Joe Deveaux team.

The winners in the Greatland Division were the Jim Legner-Craig Jung team, the Jack Evans-Bruce Galloway team, the Butch Anderson-Billy Applewhite team and the Tom Reese-Greg Duggin team. There was a draw between the Ed Marsh-Dave Ramsey team and the EZ Hoyez-John Bania duo.

The winners each week score two points for a win, one point for a tie and zero points for a loss.

Junior Golf

A little over 40 juniors are currently taking the first session of Junior Golf this summer. The improvement in the juniors that have taken the lessons a couple times is amazing. The juniors that are new to the game also are quickly coming into form. The final session of juniors starts July 2 and runs until Aug. 1.

The first junior golf tournament of the year will be June 26. There will be four age groups, including both boys and girls 8 to 17 years of age. There will be boys and girls divisions.

Call the clubhouse to get your name on the list for the tournament. All juniors are invited to participate in the tournament.

Junior Cup

The first annual Peninsula Junior Cup started at Birch Ridge Golf Course Thursday with teams of junior boys 17 years and younger playing partners best-ball matches. Best-ball matches are when each player plays their own ball from tee to green and only the lowest score is carded.

Holes are decided between teams on a win-lose-tie basis. Thursday, Birch Ridge dominated the home course, winning two of the three match points possible. The team of Josh Lansing and Brennan Jackson played very well for a victory. Tony Azzara and Nick Horn won their match after eight holes of play. The final and closest match between the Kenai Golf Course team of CJ Henley and Trevor Baldwin and the Birch Ridge team of Zack Cowan and Keaton Andrus ended in a tie.

Friday's action continued with Zack and Keaton halving their match again at the Kenai Golf Course against Levi Foster and Owen Brewer. Matt Matarrese paired with Sam Steiner to win a point for the Kenai Golf Course team. Birch Ridge's team of Azzara and Horn won again to bring the team totals to Birch Ridge 4 and Kenai Golf Course 2 for the first week of play.

There were two spots reserved for girls 17 years and younger to fill out the teams and neither course had any girls try out. Next year we would like to see the gals playing in the competition.

Each week the play continues. Thursday the play is at Birch Ridge and Friday the play is at the Kenai Golf Course.


Each golfer is always so delighted to get a birdie on a hole. A birdie, for those of you who may not play golf, is 1-under-par. It is an incredible feat on the golf course.

Well, what about the birdie recently carded on No. 8 by Danny Brewer? It seems Danny hit a very low, long second shot that headed straight for the 150-yard marker. Would you believe a robin was perched on the marker and Danny's ball sent it into the history book? Those are not the birdies any golfer is ever looking to card. I was saddened to hear that. What do you suppose the chances are of something like that happening?

Men's Night

The Men's Night was a cross country event. The No. 1 hole was played the usual way. The No. 2 tee went to the No. 3 green. The No. 4 tee went to the No. 7 green, the No. 8 tee went to the No. 6 green, the No. 7 tee went to the No. 8 green. Finally, the No. 9 tee also was played in the usual way.

There was a chip-off between two teams that carded 23 for the six cross-country holes played. The team taking first place on the chip of Roy Bird also included Butch Anderson and Barry Jackman.

Settling for second place with 23 was the team of Deryk Anderson, Richard Atuk, Billy Coghill and Paul Nelson. Taking third place with a score of 24 was the team of Tom Conway, Lyle Winter, John Bania and Fred Miller.

The longest drive on No. 2 was by Denny Davis. Denny Davis also got the closest to No. 9 with 20 feet.

Closing Thoughts

I traded my golfing shoes today for a pair of rubber boots and spent a good amount of time bogged down in a swamp above my boot tops. Then I attended an assembly meeting concerning a possible vacation of a long established borough road. I felt the urge to state my objection to granting this vacation to benefit only a handful of people. I had three minutes to state my side of the matter. I was a nervous wreck. It was the time constraint that put me into the frenzied mode I am sure.

Tomorrow morning I will be back on the Kenai Golf Course where I feel so at home. See you on the fairway.

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