Miniature poodle killed by moose

Posted: Friday, June 20, 2003

KENAI (AP) Sally Youngberg's 13-year-old miniature poodle Peaches was killed when it was stomped by a moose in her back yard.

''I let her out ... and she was chasing a robin,'' Youngberg said. ''A mother moose saw her and ran across (my) yard. She reared up and came down on her with front hooves three times.''

Peaches died instantly.

Youngberg said the cow moose was accompanied by a very young calf.

''I'm not sure if the moose was startled, because she came from a full charge from around the side of my house,'' she said.

Youngberg lives in Soldotna just behind Central Peninsula General Hospital. Her back yard is fenced on three sides but she has seen moose step right over the fence. She said there is a wooded area near the hospital where moose tend to gather.

Youngberg said she was concerned because there were children living in the neighborhood and hospital patients who, because of physical conditions, might not be able to avoid a run-in.

''We did call animal control,'' Youngberg said. ''They said they would just come and shoot it if it happened again.''

Alaska Fish and Game area biologist Jeff Selinger said his office generally handles calls like this based on the situation.

''If we see a moose and the moose acts in a manner that is defending her calf and moving on, then we're going to leave her alone,'' he said. ''If it is acting overly aggressive, we may have to dispatch the animal.''

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