Governor is on the right track; he just needs to add to his cuts

Posted: Friday, June 20, 2003

I, for some unknown reason, decided to read "Letters to the Editor" in the Clarion this morning. I say some unknown reason because I haven't read that section of the paper for probably six months. To get to the point, I guess you could say I am writing to defend the governor. I've never been a real big fan of Gov. Frank Murkowski or his politics.

But I have to give him credit; he is trying to get the state back on track as far as trying to cut the budget. I think he could have cut a lot more,

education in particular. I don't think the longevity bonus program should have existed to start with. Granted, there are seniors who can use the

money, but remember every war has its casualties. If the longevity bonus or pension, if you will, is as valid as our Social Security program, then it isn't valid at all. If one knows anything about the Social Security program, one doesn't have to wonder why the state government workers elect not to pay into it.

I know some are thinking I can easily hand over the longevity bonus program, because I am not eligible to collect it, but I am just trying to use my common sense. Common sense tells me that we don't have enough tax payers to support the inflated state government. Yes, it will hurt all of us at some point to get our government spending back in line, but we have to start somewhere. I, for one would like to start at my home, more of my take-home pay, if you get my drift.

Another place that the governor can use his almighty scissors would be the Child Support Enforcement Division. That is the most disorganized organization, which in itself is a misnomer, because you have to be organized to be an organization. Speaking for a business, and having dealt with that non-organization, I think they think they are above the law! Supposedly, a few years ago that office was revamped; I haven't seen any sign of it. The only dealings that I have ever had with that non-organization was to collect monies for it. If I were on their list as owing money, I would watch my back and their front.

To sum up, I think Gov. Murkowski should add to his scissor collection and cut, cut, cut.

Durainey Rawls , Nikiski

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