Law should just be common sense

Posted: Friday, June 20, 2008

Another piece of knee-jerk legislation -- no texting or watching DVDs while driving. Brilliant! Another law that should totally be common sense and is completely unenforceable (see acquittal of the only person that could possibly have been this stupid to do so).

Completely ignore the real issue -- no use of a cell phone (or any other electronic device) while using a lethal weapon (a car). I'm sure Rep. Gruenberg has endeared himself to his constituency with this marvelous law.

Since no Alaska legislator has the balls to do it, why not use the old tried-and-true method (see Germany circa 1937) and current programs similar to REDDI?

I propose a new rat-out program RESCU -- Report Every Stupid Cellphone User. I have personally been involved in three near accidents involving cell phone users, and I live in Kenai and drive all of 2,000 miles a year.

When you see an infraction (and I've seen numerous law enforcement types guilty), call 1-800-HANGUPANDPAYATTENTIONYOUSTUPIDIDIOT (you can stop after 18004264877).

Philip Stefanides


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