Four-wheeler on bike path collides with bicyclists

Posted: Wednesday, June 21, 2000

FAIRBANKS (AP) -- A teen-ager driving a four-wheeler on a bike path hit two bicyclists, seriously injuring a woman whose leg got caught in the wheel of the all-terrain vehicle.

Peggy Shoemaker, 48, was taken to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital. She underwent emergency surgery Monday afternoon and was in serious condition.

Shoemaker's husband, Joe Usibelli, 62, hit the speeding four-wheeler head-on and was vaulted over it. He walked away with cuts and scrapes.

The boy, who was thrown from the ATV, was treated at the hospital for injuries. His name was not released.

Police said the 17-year-old was going an estimated 35 to 40 mph when he rounded a blind corner and hit the bicyclists.

The boy told police he had about four seconds to react and veered left. The couple steered to their right, directly into the ATV's path.

The four-wheeler hit Usibelli and then the front fender and left wheel on the out-of-control machine clipped Shoemaker's pedal, entangling her, Welborn said.

The teen-ager has not been cited.

''He knew he was in the wrong,'' Welborn said. ''It's just very unfortunate.''

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