Stock cars put on show at Twin City Raceway

Posted: Wednesday, June 21, 2000

A-Stock, B-Stock, a Late Model car and four Sand Drag trucks put on a show during Alaska Circle Track Association competition Saturday at Twin City Raceway.

The only major accident of the evening was in Heat 1 of the A-Stock races with three laps complete when Mike Young spun out in turn four in his No. 33 car and was facing straight into oncoming traffic.

Rex Savely, driving car No. 98, got sideways and a chain reaction occurred after that, taking Savely's No. 98 and Bill Baker's No. 8 car out for the remainder of the day. Baker was filling in for his wife, Kellie, while she was recuperating from an accident the previous weekend.

Bill Baker also set a record during time trials for the A-Stock Division with a time of 22.84 seconds on the three-eighths-mile track.

The track held up beautiful with minimal dust for the event. The next races are scheduled for Saturday at 7 p.m.

June 17


Trophy Dash: 1. Butch Savely, 2. Bill Baker, 3. Bert Nelson, 4. Justin Yancy, 5. Debbie Yancy.

Heat 1: 1. B. Savely, 2. J. Yancy, 3. Nelson, 4. Mike Young, 5. D. Yancy, 6. Roy Morris, 7. R. Savely, 8. Baker.

Heat 2: 1. Nelson, 2. J. Yancy, 3. Young, 4. D. Yancy, 5. B. Savely.

Main: 1. B. Savely, 2. D. Yancy, 3. J. Yancy, 4. Nelson, 5. Young


Trophy Dash: 1. Tom Lackey, 2. Terry McGahan, 3. Damon Capurro, 4. Bill Baker.

Heat 1: 1. Lackey, 2. McGahan, 3. Baker, 4. Capurro.

Heat 2: 1. Lackey, 2. McGahan, 3. Baker.

Main: 1. McGahan, 2. Lackey, 3. Baker.

Note: Chris Thompson raced his Late Model No. 96 car with the B-Stock just for the sport and heart of racing; Thompson's classmates have assured him that they'll be out next weekend.

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