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Posted: Friday, June 21, 2002

K-Beach business owner considers 'no parking' sign as harassment

My name is Dale Wortham, I own that used car lot on the corner of K-Beach and Poppy Lane, 43700 K-Beach Road, No. 5.

My complaint is that the state right of way officials came and put up "No Parking" signs in front of my business on or about May 15.

I have owned this building since 1984 and never had a problem with parking my vehicles in the right of way, until now. If you were to drive down K-Beach, every business has miscellaneous items in the right of way. But, yet, there are no other "No Parking" signs near anyone else's business.

I would consider this harassment. I am not doing any harm by parking my vehicles in the right of way.

Every summer, I mow the grass and keep the roadside clean. Every winter, I plow all the snow out of the way. In other words, what is their motivation of harassment?

Dale Wortham, Soldotna

With Fran Ulmer as governor, education will get attention

As a retired teacher, I am voting for Fran Ulmer because she believes in a strong educational system. Preparing children and young adults for successful lives is a priority for Fran. Recently our schools have had trouble meeting the educational needs of our children because of inadequate funding. Our teachers are some of the lowest paid in the nation.

As governor, Fran Ulmer will make inflation-proofing the school foundation formula a top priority. Schools cannot provide the best educational programs for children unless funding at a level that accounts for inflation is assured. And we cannot attract the best teachers unless they are paid at a level competitive with salaries in the Lower 48 states.

Fran will continue to work for full funding of our university system and for quality schools in every community. A good, well-funded, state university system will help keep our kids in Alaska where they can use their skills and educations within their own communities.

With Fran Ulmer as our next governor, we can continue improving our schools and provide every community with the high quality education our children deserve.

Nina Faust, Homer

'Nonpartisan' does not mean candidate has no political agenda

Sunday's front page article, "Navarre to oppose Bagley," was filled with sugar coating and an attempt to baffle us with "bull."

The people of the borough know who Tim is because some of us have read his name in the police reports for driving under the influence. We know who he is for his political manipulation on issues brought before the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly.

And now he wants to be our mayor, to baffle us with more bull.

Just because he has changed political affiliation to "nonpartisan" does not mean Tim has no political agenda. You can bet he does, and from this voter's point of view, it is not an agenda that benefits the best interest of the borough.

Tim does not look upon all of the people of this borough equally. He favors opening up the newly acquired land across the inlet, which benefits only those who can afford to fly over there, versus opening up the Point Possession land, which allows more people the ability to access the land. Tim has played a significant role in the "slow and cautious" approach to the North Road extension as a political ploy to make Mayor Dale Bagley's attempt to move this project forward appear to be the mayor dragging his feet.

Tim is a politician, party affiliated or nonpartisan, and who can truly trust a politician? And now he wants to be an administrator. How can we trust him?

In closing, the final word is for all voters to "go vote" in both the primary and the general elections.

Hal Becker, Soldotna

Mother of Suzette Welton says her daughter has been railroaded

I am Suzette Welton's mother. I have read every newspaper article in Alaska papers.You had my daughter tried, convicted and sentenced before she put a foot in the court room. Will you ever lay awake wondering if you did an injustice? If the evidence was so strong, why didn't you let the jury handle it? Did anyone of you ever consider there were reasons we couldn't be there -- sickness, etc.

I was raised on the principle of innocent until proven guilty. What has happened to that?

You reporters will have to answer for every idle word some day. You railroaded Suzette! You put doubt in minds.

I raised this girl! She was and is kind, loving, trusting. In my heart, I know Suzette didn't do this. She is no schemer. She loved and adored her children.

Think, people! Our lives are completely ruined! A grandson lost and a daughter from an unfortunate accident. Our daughter has been incarcerated 18 months withstanding all the false statements, persecution and articles in the paper.

I hope you consider what you do when you jump the judicial system. I have been almost silent, thinking justice will prevail, but not in Alaska. Think of her, and us, hurting and all you've done. Mercy! What if she's innocent?

There is bankruptcy for bills.

Sue Soles, Bald Knob, Ark.

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