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The Ladder of Learning

Posted: Thursday, June 21, 2007

The ladder known as Learning extends into the sky.

And there are children yearning to climb it way up high.

Its base is firmly planted in books of many kinds.

With steps of math all granted to tender growing minds.

It reaches to the rainbows or maybe even Mars.

It’s draped in juicy mangoes and decked with diamond stars.

’Most every rung is reading on this ladder that they climb.

And every child is needing to practice all the time.

The teachers there are training the children very young.

To keep their minds a-grazing and grow up one more rung.

The vertical direction is hard for kids to make.

And every kind correction is only for their sake.

A certain satisfaction portrays what climbing gives.

And every lad of action exudes it as he lives.

Imagine the emotion that elevation brings.

And every new promotion invokes a mood that sings.

Encourage children always to show them that we care.

And cheer them on through college right up the segued stair.

Tomorrow’s lawyer labors on up the steeper part.

Then even distant neighbors will see the kid is smart.

Society’s big totem offers an upward switch.

A learner at the bottom may rise to carve his niche.

The doctors are disguised in little children’s clothes.

But we are well advised when once their shingle shows.

How patient is the poet that climbs it night and day.

And cunningly they show it in every word bouquet.

The teacher is a tutor a guide of Plato’s guild.

And ardently they root for those youth especially skilled.

Go on and stretch for Cirrus! Just poke your noggin through.

Where angels share in nearness the panoramic view.

This glad and tested ladder stands in your local school.

And every pitter-patter announces purpose full.

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