Conservatives are extremists

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Friday, June 22, 2007

It’s all a scam when this batch of ultra conservatives say that their party is for less government.

They are for less government that helps the American people — like health care and rights for all citizens — but have heaped big government on us that isn’t beneficial.

They believe that it’s “uniquely American” to have to work three jobs to make ends meet, as though that’s been one of our most cherished dreams, while they can’t even do one competently. Oh, yes. How “fantastic.”

They spy on us and make more things that are personal biases illegal so instead of being tolerant they can build more prisons and force their beliefs on us.

They have drug religion back into government like it belongs there, even though our country’s constitution expressly forbade them to do so.

They are for forcing their brand of democracy on others whether they want it or not, spending billions while at the same time blubbering that universal health care is too expensive. But, of course, they get everything free from the people, making them the biggest welfare recipients around.

They’re totally hypocritical, and the world really has no use for them anymore. They are dinosaurs, left over from the age of monarchies when everything was decided by class.

But now the world has outclassed them and they are as wrong as the direction they went with their war on terror.

They, and people like them, are extremists, and for centuries have gotten away with wreaking terror through holy fires and religious scare tactics that have no basis in the word Jesus tried to convey, and now he is making sure that it comes back to haunt them.

If they can’t succeed in their hefty goals, it’s only because they weren’t worthy of carrying such a righteous sword to the world.

Neil C. Robinson


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