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Posted: Friday, June 23, 2006

How can a man be so obtuse, so out of touch with Alaskans, so arrogant, and so aloof during his entire adult life as a U.S. senator and state governor, that he is known nationally as the worst in the 50 states, and the worst in the state’s history and have the audacity to call it “leadership”? (See Peninsula Clarion full page ad June 19.)

And no, Frank, it’s too late for a “personality transplant.” Everyone knows leopards don’t change their spots. Murkowski’s entire administration is comprised of yes-people (do it my way or be fired!), all of his machinations are conducted in secret, he treats all Alaskans as if they are dupes, and his agencies absolutely ignore any public comment on almost every governance issue.

He has never successfully managed anything and, seemingly, has never physically worked a day in his life. Apparently, he is so enamored by the Alaska oil-gas producers that they are publicly telling Alaskans to re-elect him or the pipeline contract negotiations will have to start over (see Peninsula Clarion, front page, June 15).

I hope that’s a promise because the secret pseudo-pipeline-contract (tied to the oil tax bill) Murkowski presented to the Legislature shouldn’t see the light of day. We know several powerful legislators who are on the oil-gas producers’ payrolls. But who knows what cushy “jobs” have been promised to future retiring elected officials.

In return for 45 years of “fiscal certainty”, Alaskans deserve integrity in government. Who believes we have it now? A new governor, many new legislators and new agency appointees would be a good start — to an oil tax bill, which does not require decoding to understand, and to a natural gas pipeline contract, which requires firm start and end dates, doesn’t have an $8 billion cost overrun built into it, and is not tied to the oil tax bill for the next four decades.

It seems our governor has attempted to operate our state government the way he operated his bank, and Alaskans should not want the same result. Almost any Alaskan would be a better choice for our new governor.

Richard Hahn


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