Legislature should do work of the people during time limit

Posted: Thursday, June 24, 2004

The legislative session, set out by the Alaska Constitution, is 120 consecutive days. It may be extended once by a two-thirds vote of the Legislature for 10 additional consecutive days. The Legislature is given this period of time to conduct our business. The Legislature met and then they adjourned.

Within the last session, the Republican majority chose to sanction Rep. Lynn for a nonpartisan vote in favor of the Longevity Bonus. He voted his conscience, representing his constituents and not party affiliation. When you vote for an individual, do you vote for someone to represent a political party or someone to represent you? Do you vote the straight party ticket or do you normally vote for who you believe will represent you best?

Rep. Kelly Wolf has represented his constituents within the prescribed time provided by the Alaska State Constitution. Members of our legislative body have stated that there is no valid point in conducting a special session. "The votes aren't there." Apparently, they will show up and vote no and then go home. Meanwhile, the governor is running a campaign to (again) tap and-or take the permanent fund. How much more is this session going to cost? Didn't we already spend money in Fairbanks for a special group to consider issues that are normally considered by the Legislature?

Gov. Murkowski asked a crowd at the Soldotna Sports Center if they believed the state should get its financial house in order now.

Ask as nonpartisan majority of the people if they believe the state should have an effective governor now. Ask them if the Legislature should put aside partisan party politics, hammer out some issues (within the prescribed time) and represent "we the people," not the party.

Ask them if we are entitled to someone willing to stand upon the promises and rhetoric that got them elected to office. Yeah, someone who maintains the trust of their constituents, because we deserve no less than that.

Gov. Murkowski understands the importance of our financial situation. He would also like a $2 million Lear jet. This would give him less accessibility to places within our state but would allow him to travel around the country, like a U.S. senator. I was, at one time, amused by the governor's spokespersons who would interpret for us what the governor actually meant. Also, they expand upon how a new twist in the wind would really benefit us. Now, it's annoying and not unexpected. It's just disappointing.

Rep. Wolf should be commended for not playing into politics and standing up to the antics of ineffective political games.

I'm not speaking for any political party and-or organization. I'm speaking in my behalf.

Vern Nusunginya


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