Ward supporter sees 'political motives' in opposition as well

Posted: Thursday, June 24, 2004

I know Jerry Ward can defend himself; he's a big boy I've known him for several years. But it gets to me when somebody says things that are not quite the truth.

First of all, I heard the same radio announcement that Jerry was supposed to have used the late President Ronald Reagan as a political stepping stone. I assume that people hear things differently, but for me, I didn't hear anything but Jerry show respect for one of the greatest presidents that our country produced.

On the subject of offhanded politics, I noticed Mr. Wagoner's ads sitting atop Congressman Don Young's. I assume this means Mr. Young supports Wagoner.

Also, just to set the record straight, Jerry did serve his country quite honorable in the armed forces.

In the 56 years I've lived in this great state, I've seen politicians come and go by the hundreds and this I know from experience. Whenever I've needed an answer or help of any kind, Jerry always answered me within a 24-hour period. Yes, I am supporting Jerry for the senate.

In closing, I am old enough to remember when Mr. Wagoner came to this area, I could be wrong and I stand corrected if so. But I thought Mr. Wagoner was a Democrat, if so why did he switch parties. I do know that this area is generally Republican. There's also the Hawkins political move. Just a thought, I do believe Jerry would do a better job. Oh, I wrote Mr. Wagoner an e-mail about a year ago I'm still waiting for an answer.

Richard Segura


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