Reader: Big boys pull the strings

Posted: Tuesday, June 26, 2007

In reference to the letter from Arnold Oskolkoff (Clarion, June 19), why go after the little guy when it’s the big boys that are pulling all the strings? From the president down. How much whining do you think the Secretary of Agriculture gets from the big company lobbyists for Green Giant and others like them to look the other way so their crops can be picked and sent to market?

That same government pays thousands of land owners, not just farmers, every year not to grow anything to keep prices up for the farmers that are growing crops. It’s called CPR. Look it up. And those farms need pickers.

We, as Americans, always looking for that better deal, are selling out our own country every day a little at a time. Everything we buy from foreign cars to neatly packed farm raised fish fillets or clothes from China, Japan, Taiwan, India and so on, puts our workers that need, no demand, to make at least $25 an hour with benefits in danger of becoming a thing of the past.

I know, it’s hard to find anything made in America any more that isn’t a little more than the price of the foreign ones. I wonder why?

Even doctors and hospitals want at least a house, car and alimony payment for anything they do. If illegal aliens crossed the border to practice medicine or sell insurance, I bet there wouldn’t be a problem. It would have been taken care of years ago.

It’s all about money.

So you see, we need that cheap labor to compete with ourselves.

Hundreds of little family farms instead of a few huge ones would get the ball rolling down the aisle. And when it hits, the big pins go down and there will be hundreds of Americans making the rules that only a few make now.

One thing I’ve learned about rules, as long as everyone follows them, things go smoother. But why is there always someone that thinks that these rules don’t apply to them? Farming made this country great and that’s what will keep it great.

After all, it is our choice — for now.

Charlie Disney


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