Noble Lipizzaner Stallions tour Alaska

Posted: Wednesday, June 27, 2001

Peninsula residents had the opportunity last week to enjoy one of the "Highest" forms of entertainment, the "World Famous" Lipizzaner Stallions, and their legendary "Airs Above The Ground."

The Lipizzaner is a noble breed of horses that has been amazing mankind with their abilities for over four centuries. So named because of their origins in Lipizzan Austria where they were originally bred from the Andalusian and Arab bloodlines, and became a notorious war-horse.

Today they are known for their premier abilities in the show ring, and stand out from other breeds for their unusual abilities, "I think it's their work ethic that separates them from other breeds. They are the most honest, hard working, horse I've ever ridden," said Head Rider Amanda Rossiter who has been riding since she was a very young girl and with the tour since 1997, "They never stop, the give and they give and they give, and other horses are not so generous, these horses are very generous in their work," said Rossiter in a pre-show interview.

The Lipizzaners will be in Alaska for a couple more weeks before heading back to Canada and the lower 48. Next year they plan to tour Australia, Japan and China according to Rossiter who hails from Massachusetts.

The Stallions are treated like celebrities while on tour, "They are very pampered, every night they have a fresh stall to lay in, and we go to great lengths to find the best places for them to sleep at night. The trailer is state of the art and is much more comfortable then the van the riders have to travel in," said Rossiter who loves her job and plans to stay with the show in the future. More information on the famous horses is available at

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