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Posted: Wednesday, June 27, 2001

The days are flying by as they always do when the weather is warm and wonderful! Things are really going at the Kenai Golf Course. The tournaments are happening over the weekends, but golfers can get out on the course by noon or shortly after on most tournament days.

For the schedule of tournaments and events taking place at the Kenai Golf Course go to I started a web page for information on the golfing events at the Kenai Golf Course. It is loaded with helpful information.

Junior Tournaments

Please note the first junior tournament was held Tuesday. All juniors ages 8 to 17 years are encouraged to participate in the junior tournaments held on the peninsula. Call the clubhouse to add your name to the list.

You might also mark down the dates of other junior tournaments. On July 19, a junior tournament will be held at Birch Ridge. Then on Aug. 8, a second junior tournament will be held at the Kenai Golf Course and will be getting under way between 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. with age group tee times.

The 8- to 9-year-olds will play five holes from modified red tees. The 10- to 12-year-olds will play nine holes from the red tees. The 13- to 15-year-olds will play 18 holes from the red tees. The 16- to 17-year-olds will play 18 holes from the white tees. The older groups will tee off first.

There is a junior clubhouse trophy and each year the names of the junior winners in each age group will be added to the trophy.

Ladies Night

The ladies enjoyed a beautiful evening for their weekly golf. The team with 38 that took first place included Alicia Morgan, Karen Morris, Paula Crowley and Pam Martinez. The team with 39 that took second place included team members Jessie Winter, Loretta Kimball, Nora Satathite and Lesley Weatherman.

The slugger of the week was Lesley Weatherman, who had a great shot that stayed on the fairway on the No. 2 hole.

Closest to the pin on No. 5 was Paula Crowley with a shot that landed 13 feet, 4 inches from the pin.

Men's Night

The team of Loren Smagge, Dan Cabrera and Robert Anderson carded a 5-under to take the first-place honors for the weekly event. The team that took second place with a 2-under included Paul Nelson, Jerry "Steady " Norris, EZ Hoyez and Ron Tracy.

The slugger of the week was once again Walt Krieger, who kept his long drive down the middle where it counts.

Closest to No. 9 was EZ Hoyez with 15 feet, 3 inches. Closest to No. 5 was Lorne Smagge with 16 feet, 10 inches.

The pure birdie pot was split between Roy Bird, who got his bird on No. 7, and Lorne Smagge, who got his bird on No. 5. Lorne managed to be the player of the evening with his triple dip.

Start Off Tourney

Somehow I missed mentioning the winners of the first 2001 Kenai Golf Association tournament of the year. The KGA usually gets to play on the course before it officially opens.

The team of Jason Noel, Paula Crowley, Ben Haring and Harold Flood took first place after a chip-off shot from Haring.

The team, also with 3-under, that took second place in a chip shot from Karl Liedes included Teri Langston, Bob Tepp, John Moline and Karl Liedes.

The third-place team with 3-under was made up of Eldon Harvey, Jerry May, Rodger Jones and Lynne Reynolds.

The team that placed fourth with 2-under included Ron Rozak, Jason Elson, Kirk Hyman and Ken Liedes.

Closest to the pin on No. 9 was Dana Bassel with 26 feet. Closest to the pin on No. 5 was Eldon Harvey with 9 feet, 4 inches.

One slugger of the day was Lynne Reynolds on No. 6 with the longest drive to stay on the fairway. The other slugger was Doug Haralson on No. 2. Long drives are important only if they manage to land and stay on the fairway.

Kenai Cup

Before I begin with this week's results of the Kenai Cup weekly play I need to mention a winning team I reported as having a draw during last week's competition. The team of John Bania and EZ Hoyez did win their match during the second week of Kenai Cup play. I know now the golfers are definitely reading my articles and they will not let me get by with slips. I really do appreciate the feedback.

The Kenai Cup winners of the weekly match play this past week were the Dwight Kramer-Doug Haralson team, the Eldon Harvey-Ryan Harvey team, the Doug Jung-Dustin Jung team, the Pam Martinez-Felix Martinez team and the Dale Sandahl-Don Morgan team.

Also winning their matches were the Jack Evans-Bruce Galloway team, the John Bania-EZ Hoyez team, and the Billy Applewhite-Butch Anderson team. The Tom Reese-Greg Duggin team and the Ed Marsh-Dave Ramsey team had a draw, and the Noel Widmayer-Rich Edwards team also had a draw with the Dan Cabrera-Jeff Johns team.

I'm still trying to keep track of the teams. With team names like Par Pair, Rather Be Fishing, Ping Power, Sport'N'Woodies, Two Duffers, Sole Brothers, EZ Money, Mulligans, Timberwolves, Cougars, A-Team, M&M Market, Kenai Golf Course, Kenai Pro Shop, Jung Guns, Southpaw Studs, B&B Inc and the H&H team, it can be a little tricky keeping track of them.

Coed Golf

The competition in the Monday evening Coed Golf is really heating up. Teams have come forth each Monday to challenge the past weekly winners and I overheard the teams discussing just how rough the competition is getting each week.

Last week the team of Judy Buffington and Scott Shier took the mystery hole for the second week in a row. The Susan and Jerry May team took the fewest total putts for the nine holes.

This week's winners were the team of Shelley and Dave Ramsey, who took both the fewest combined team putts for the nine holes and also took the mystery hole , which turned out to be No. 5.

This coming week the team of Dave and Shelley Ramsey will battle it out with the team of Scott Shier and Judy Buffington, since both teams have been undefeated in weekly play this season.

The weekly play also includes the animals , and so far no new zookeeper has been named in this season's competition.

Junior Cup

Peninsula Junior Cup matches continued last week at Birch Ridge and Kenai Golf Courses. The Birch Ridge team increased its lead by winning five of the six matches played. The traveling trophy hasn't been won yet, but Tom Walsh and his team are in the driver's seat with 12 single matches remaining.

The home-and-home series ends on July 12 and 13 with the award presentation scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Friday at the Kenai Golf Course. There has been some outstanding play from Josh Lansing, Brennon Jackson, Keaton Andrus, Tigger Jackson, Tony Azzara and Nick Horn.

Matt Mataresse and Travis Schreiner won the only match for the Kenai Golf Course team. Coach Bill Engberg hopes the two-week layoff might give his team the practice they need to close up the competition. Bill sees much improvement in his younger players and knows the future is bright for the Kenai juniors. As long as the juniors keep working as hard as they currently are at their golf games, they will get to be terrific golfers.

Swing Clinics

The final beginner's swing clinic will be Saturday from 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. for $15. The swing clinic will cover the basics of grip, stance, posture, weight shift and finish. The short-game clinic will be offered at 11 a.m. for $10. The short-game clinic will cover chipping, pitching and putting.

This is a great opportunity to get started the right way or to improve your current swing. All levels are welcome to attend. Call the Pro Shop to sign up for the clinics.

Junior Golf

The first session of Junior Golf ended Monday with the juniors playing for the fifth time in June. Many juniors were playing for the first time, while most have been playing daily.

Bill Engberg, Junior Golf teacher and head pro at the Kenai Golf Course, would like to thank all the supporters of the junior program this summer. Without help the program would not be such a success. The new clubs for those without their own were greatly appreciated.

Money donated last year went to nine new sets for the juniors. A special thanks goes to Mike Navarre for his support. The Kenai Golf Association also is a big supporter of the program.

There is still time to sign up for the second session of junior golf that starts Monday. If you are between 8 and 17 years of age and looking to improve your game or to get started with it, now is the time to sign up for Junior Golf at the Kenai Golf Course. Five instructional days and five play days with clubs, range balls and encouragement from golf pro Bill Engberg are all included for $50.

Junior Tournament

The results are in from Tuesday's Junior Tournament. Taking first for the boys 17 years and under was Travis Schreiner, with Matt Matarrese in second and Tony Azzara in third.

Ryan Hicks won the competition for boys 14 and under, while CJ Henley was second and Michael Jahrig was third.

For the girls 12 years and younger, Amy Jahrig made off with first place, while Nikki Morgan was second and Kelsey Megchelsen was third.

Taylor Jackson ended up on top of the leader board for boys 12 and under, while Aaron Andress was second and Dean Howell and Nate Saltzgiver tied for third.

Finally, Christa Huf took first for 8- and 9-year-old girls, while for 8- and 9-year-old boys it was AJ Woltering in first, Drew Alkire in second, Mathew Boulette in third, Derek Craycroft in fourth and Alex McDonald in fifth.

Hole In One

Congratulations to Gordon Griffin, who got his first hole in one on June 20. Gordon used the 9-iron on No. 14 to land in front of the pin and to have the ball roll in the cup. It was a perfectly hit shot, as all hole-in-one shots usually are.

Gordon celebrated for a couple of days with his golfing friends hitting him up for a treat to celebrate with him. Congratulations on a beautiful shot!! Gordon's name will be added to the clubhouse hole-in-one trophy for all to admire in years to come.

Closing Thoughts

Golfing is always great at the Kenai Golf Course. I have been keeping my game going by hitting balls on the range daily, but not playing this week since my grandson has been staying with me. Derek does enjoy hitting balls on the range, putting on the practice green and especially hitting out of the practice sand trap.

See you on the fairway.

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