Seniors will have tough time without bonus, with new taxes

Posted: Friday, June 27, 2003

First off, I would like to know how anyone could say that it is unfair seniors coming to Alaska in the last 20 to 25 years do not receive the longevity bonus.

During the early years of statehood, homesteaders and common people were grubbing out a living. They put up with bad roads, little work, no sidewalks and no shopping centers. Many were slugging through mud to get to work or school. There is no comparison.

Do politicians have a special license to lie? They run on issues, then when elected do just the opposite.

Why are so many legislators marching in lock step with a dictatorial governor? What about skewed statistical data!

With all the added user fees and new taxes, a big push on for a sales tax next year, how can seniors hope to cope?

The idea afloat at the end of the legislative session was that only those receiving the longevity bonus were concerned, no one else cared, because it was number 3 on the list. As I recall;

1. Permanent fund (that's very important);

2. Gaming (funds from this helps the non-profits who help our community);

3. Longevity bonus (this enables the seniors to continue to live in their state and not on welfare. The phaseout is death).

How about a recall or would the list be too long?

I would enjoy hearing from everyone on this issue.

Vern Jones, Kenai

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