Web site registration loses former resident

Posted: Monday, June 27, 2005

As someone who started reading the Clarion when it was a weekly newspaper from the white brick building on Trading Bay road (or at least there near the airport), I was sorry to see your site get bit by the "We need to track visitors" bug.

As an Alaskan stranded in Arizona, your site was my one consistent lifeline back to the peninsula. But I am also somewhat of a rabid protectionist (fits well with my job as a network security specialist). I refuse to sign up for sites that simply want to track my usage.

I realize this spying is always wrapped up in the "We just want to improve your viewing experience." Bull pucky! It is to track usage and viewing habits to better target ads and services.

As such, my usage of your site will now plummet from four to five times a week to zero. Good job.

Joe Brindley, Phoenix, 27-year citizen of Soldotna

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