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Posted: Wednesday, June 27, 2007


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  Orthodontic Technician Lisa Kent displays her purposeful jewlery.

Orthodontist Justin Moore with his wife Orie and smiling staff at their clinic on Binkley Street in Soldotna.

While there are many things that can wipe a smile off your face, Orthodontist Justin Moore of Soldotna has a passion for putting beautiful smiles on peoples faces of all ages. “It’s the first thing you see in the morning when you get up and the last thing you see at night, so a nice smile makes you feel good about yourself and confident so your whole life seems a little easier,” says Dr. Moore. Times have changed since only kids wore braces, “A lot of adults have always wanted straight teeth but perhaps their parents couldn’t afford it or there was no orthodontist where they grew up so now that the kids are out of the nest they still would like to have nice teeth for themselves and they’re coming in,” explained Moore. He admits that when he was first in dental school adults wearing braces was unheard of, “Then as we started doing more and more orthodontic work on adults we realized that adult teeth move and work just as quickly as kids teeth and a lot of times better because adults are more motivated, they always brush, they’ll wear two rubber bands when you tell them to wear one so we have to watch them to be sure they don’t do to much to make it go faster, but the maturity and motivation actually makes things work extremely well.”


Orthodontic Technician Lisa Kent displays her purposeful jewlery.

Dr. Moore told the Dispatch there was one adult that wanted braces that he did turn down however, “I did turn down a lady from Seward who came in wanting braces, she was 99 years old, true story, I’m not sure what her motivation was, but I have taken braces off a 44-year-old gentleman that his mom saw the results wanted braces herself and she was 65.” Lisa Kent, Dr. Moore’s orthodontic technician has even opted for braces, “I have worked and taught in area schools before taking my present position as chief laboratory technician and chair side assistant. Utilizing my college degree in the arts, I call braces "jewelry with a purpose". I am constantly amazed at the great transformations that we can achieve in patient's lives and self image, by creating wonderful smiles. I admire Dr. Moore's expertise and enjoy being part of our great team,” said Kent.

Moore has recently created a website that can show typical problems and results through virtual reality that is a break through for anyone considering orthodontic work, “It’s a pretty all inclusive site. We spent months developing it with Tim Jordan and it addresses a lot of common and uncommon situations, joint problems, sleep apnea, surgery cases, what to do in case of an emergency while in orthodontic care and is very informative with links to national associations for even more information. Clients can even fill out examination forms to bring in with them to speed up the process and it’s proving to be very helpful and popular,” said Moore.

Justin and his wife Orie love being on the Kenai Peninsula, he has practiced orthodontics here since 1987. He declined taking over the only orthodontic practice in Malibu, California and resigned 17 other state licenses to be the only orthodontist residing in the central Kenai Peninsula. Dr. Moore can often be seen playing his guitar, bicycling everywhere on the Kenai, XC skiing at the Tsalteshi ski trails or kayaking in the lakes and rivers. For more information call 262-9425 or visit Moore’s new website at

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