Savely, Tegerdine, Essex control races

Posted: Sunday, June 27, 2010

The only thing that's changed about Charley Tegerdine when it comes to racing is her last name.

Photo By M. Scott Moon
Photo By M. Scott Moon
Charley Tegerdine races Friday night to a first-place finish in the first B-Stock contest at Twin Cities Raceway.

As Charley Michel, she won the last four season titles in B-Stock racing. On Friday, she returned to Twin Cities Raceway for the first time this season -- and for the first time with her new married name -- and dominated all three B-Stock races at the State Invitational Weekend.

A-Stock racer Jake Savely and Late Model driver Joey Essex were the evening's other big winners. Savely won the Trophy Dash and Main Event and took third in Heat 1. Essex won the Trophy Dash, Heat 1 and the Main Event.

The results of Saturday night's races were not available as the Clarion went to press.

Tegerdine has a long way to go if she wants another B-Stock title. Even after Friday's performance, she was just fourth in the season points standings, 71 behind leader Dan Detjens' 212.

"I just came out to have fun," Tegerdine said. "I don't take it that serious anymore.

"I'll just play the rest of the season by ear. I still want to get things like camping and hiking in."

Tegerdine provided serious opposition on Friday. She said she didn't feel that comfortable in qualifying, but still was the second fastest behind Ken Johnson.

"When I come out here, I find it's like riding a bike," she said. "I was able to pick up right where I left off."

She cruised to victory in the Trophy Dash, with Johnson finishing second and Detjens taking third. In Heat 1, she started in the back but was in first to stay by the second lap. Detjens was second, while Brody Hietpas was third.

Tegerdine wrapped up her evening by lapping most of the field in the Main Event, where Johnson was second and Detjens was third.

"We really didn't do anything since last year to the car," Tegerdine said. "It was about the same."

In A-Stock, Savely took over the season points lead from Jeff Bettis. Savely, who finished second in the category last year after getting out of the Navy, had 430 points after Friday, while Bettis had 397.

"It's a small goal," Savely said of winning the season points title. "Finishing every race is my first goal. I take it race by race. I don't want to plan that far ahead."

Savely was the fastest qualifier. He said a new carburetor and some other new parts livened up his Kassik's Kenai Brew Stop car. He also credited his father, Butch, and brother, Rex, for the work they did on the car.

Savely won the Trophy Dash and the Main Event by leading every lap. Bettis was second in the Trophy Dash, while Lenny Grothe was third. In the Main Event, John Clemmons was second, while Maxx May was third.

The Kasilof driver said he actually did his best driving in Heat 1, when he finished third. Clemmons won the race, while Ted Van was second.

There were 10 cars that started Heat 1, and Savely started in last place.

"It makes you race a lot smarter," Savely said of the large field. "When you only have four cars, you can make mistakes because you have a chance to make it up.

"With 10 cars, you can't really make mistakes."

Savely was patient in picking his way through the field. At the end of the third lap of the 10-lap race, he had moved up to sixth place. By the fifth lap, he was in fourth place. Savely moved into third place on the last lap.

In the Late Models, Essex needed no such patience. His only other competitor was Frank Soares, and Essex dominated each race. In search of his second straight Late Models title, Essex increased his points lead to 113-87 over Soares. Essex's successful night was foreshadowed when he qualified at 20.20 seconds, compared to 25.80 for Soares.

"It was pretty easy," Essex said. "Frank's car was just kind of put together so he could get out on the track."

Essex said Soares should have a new car ready for the next day of racing, which will be on July 4. He also said there should be a few more cars in the field.

"I'd love to see more people out here," he said.

Essex said he had done some work on his Alaska All Weather Towing car before this race, and the evening gave him a perfect chance to get the car dialed in.

State Invitational Weekend

Friday at Twin City Raceway


Trophy Dash -- 1. Jake Savely; 2. Jeff Bettis; 3. Lenny Grothe; 4. No. 84; 5. Andy Williams; 6. John Clemmons; 7. Maxx May; 8. Joel Hagedorn; 9. No. 88; 10. Corey Hagedorn; DNF -- Ted Van, Ted VanAntwerp.

Heat 1 -- 1. John Clemmons; 2. Ted Van; 3. Jake Savely; 4. Jeff Bettis; 5. Maxx May; 6. No. 84; 7. Lenny Grothe; 8. No. 88; 9. Andy Williams; 10. Joel Hagedorn.

Main Event -- 1. Jake Savely; 2. John Clemmons; 3. Maxx May; 4. Jeff Bettis; 5. No. 88; 6. Lenny Grothe; 7. Ted Van; 8. Joel Hagedorn; 9. No. 84; 10. Andy Williams.

Points for evening -- 1. Jake Savely, 193; 2. John Clemmons, 161; 3. Jeff Bettis, 147; 4. Maxx May, 130; 5. Lenny Grothe, 115; 6. No. 84, 95; 7. No. 88, 86; 8. Ted Van, 84; 9 (tie). Andy Williams, Joel Hagedorn, 70; 11. Corey Hagedorn, 22; 12. Ted VanAntwerp, 11.


Trophy Dash -- 1. Charley Tegerdine; 2. Ken Johnson; 3. Dan Detjens; 4. Sissy Bird; 5. Brody Hietpas; 6. Dillon Pogue; 7. Jared Nissen.

Heat 1 -- 1. Charley Tegerdine; 2. Dan Detjens; 3. Brody Hietpas; 4. Sissy Bird; 5. Dustin Bass; 6. Ken Johnson; 7. Jared Nissen.

Main Event -- 1. Charley Tegerdine; 2. Ken Johnson; 3. Dan Detjens; 4. Sissy Bird; 5. Dustin Bass; 6. Jared Nissen; 7. Dillon Pogue.

Points for evening - 1. Charley Tegerdine, 141; 2. Dan Detjens, 109; 3. Ken Johnson, 104; 4. Sissy Bird, 85; 5. Dustin Bass, 48; 6. Brody Hietpas, 44; 7. Jared Nissen, 28; 8. Dillon Pogue, 21.

Late Models

Trophy Dash -- 1. Joey Essex; 2. Frank Soares.

Heat 1 -- 1. Joey Essex; 2. Frank Soares.

Main Event -- 1. Joey Essex; 2. Frank Soares.

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