Seeing the "Hot" spots with infrared mapping

Posted: Tuesday, June 28, 2005


  Judy Reese, president of Raven Technical Resources, holds her new infrared mapping camera.

Judy Reese, president of Raven Technical Resources, holds her new infrared mapping camera.

Yesterday's science fiction has become today's new business opportunity. The many uses of infrared images have inspired Judy Reese and Ken Deyoe to start a local airborne infrared mapping business known as Raven Technical Resources Inc. Thermographer Judy Reese recently demonstrated her new service at the Soldotna Rotary Club. "Everything above absolute zero emits infrared. It has a wide array of applications and they're all equally exciting," says Judy, "We can do home surveys for energy loss, map wild land fires, it can actually support wildlife surveys or images of animals and people to show anomalies from possible illness or injuries. In some cases it can replace x-ray. Infrared is used to monitor the volcanoes across the inlet, we can monitor the oil pipeline or production platforms and we can simply look at electrical boxes, plumbing or in floor heating and see if there are leaks or problems," explained Reese.

Reese became interested in thermography three years ago when she was working on a fire line in the lower 48 and took a job as an airborne infrared mapper, "It was my first experience up in the air running the camera and seeing what it could do," said Reese. In starting her own airborne infrared mapping business Reese has acquired a handheld Flir P65, "Flir is the renowned producer of infrared around the world and this is a handheld model that is accurate to a half a degree celsius when used appropriately," said Reese. Reese and her partner can coordinate geospatial data with GIS mapping that allows them to put the pictures and the coordinates together and produce a versatile product. Additionally Reese hopes to assist with wildlife counts and bear den locating as well as observing raptor nests without disturbing them. Presently Raven Technical Resources is located in Sterling but hopes to eventually set up at the Kenai Airport with an airborne camera and helicopter. For more information about their services call Judy Reese or Ken Deyoe at 262-2148.

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