Reader not pleased with senator's performance

Posted: Monday, June 28, 2010

After seeing letters thanking Sen. Begich for his health care vote, I too want to thank him.

Thanks for your position on card check. Eliminating that pesky secret ballot is agreat deal for the unions.

Thanks for your vote on the Government motors bailout. It's only a few billion and another great deal for the unions -- although not so good for the bondholders.

Thanks for your financial reform vote and for not including Fanny and Freddie -- the two organizations at the cusp of our financial problems. I'm sure that their exclusion had nothing to do will the fact they've been run by Democrats for years and contribute millions to your party. Probably a coinsidence.

Your stimulus vote was great. Close to a trillion borrowed and unemployment went up 2 percent. Typical Democratic math.

Obama care is great except for the millions you say are dying every year without it. Probably just an oversight that they have to wait three years to get it. On the positive side -- it's only going to cost $1.5 trillion and the hiring of 17,000 IRS agents to look over the shoulder of people who actually work will really help the economy.

Thanks for your campaign pledge to open ANWR. Oh wait -- looks like the EPA is going to permanently close it. Perhaps you were to busy reading Obama care and the stimulus to notice. Bummer.

Thanks for your position on cap and tax -- I'm really looking forward to my skyrocketing electrical bills.

Thanks for your position on global warming. Perhaps you missed the fact that the ecoidiots have been cooking the underlaying data books. Please continue to ignore this and continue to blindly stumble forward.

So far Begich has been a dashboard bobblehead for this administration and I suspect he will continue to be obedient. I will not forget those votes and in four years will work very hard to insure he is a one term senator. Perhaps by then Anchorage will be out of their financial hole and they can rehire him as mayor.

Ron Gravenhorst

Cooper Landing

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