Campgrounds, parks important to Alaskans

Posted: Monday, June 28, 2010

When I was young, my father tried to teach me that if I were going to pound nails in a tree, to make sure there were no limbs in the way of the hammer swing otherwise, it might cause a severely bruised thumb or finger.

It appears that our leaders in Juneau have problems finding money for keeping campgrounds and parks operating for the residents of Alaska and tourists because it is one of the best camping states in the U.S. I have experience in this subject, as my wonderful camp hostess has set up campsites in every state except Rhode Island, and 5 Canadian Provinces starting with tents and children in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks in the 50's. People said you can't take babies camping -- why not? They loved it.

The pols could find $100 million, and add a 20 percent cost overrun to that for an fancy addition to the Fairbanks college, of which 95 percent of Alaskans will never be able to cast eyes upon. But there is a huge difference in the two. One would benefit many citizen campers while the other one would add hundreds of thousands to campaign contributions over the years.

The same way with a multimillion dollar greenhouse for the University of Fairbanks, and a veto on a gas line to Homer which would help several hundred businesses and residents in our local area.

Paul D. Morrison


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