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Posted: Thursday, June 29, 2000

Recent events at Alaska Airlines:

--December 1998: Records are seized from the Alaska maintenance base in Oakland, Calif., as a federal grand jury probes allegations that work on planes was signed off but not done.

--Jan. 31, 2000: Flight 261 from Puerto Vallarta to San Francisco crashes in the Pacific Ocean near Los Angeles, killing all 88 aboard.

--March 11: An Alaska jetliner bound for Los Angeles turns back to Seattle after a boy asks a flight attendant to get crayons from his pack and she finds what appears to be a bomb inside. The boy had mistakenly picked up a ''dummy bomb'' training pack at a security checkpoint.

--March 16: A 40-year-old man mutters to himself, roaming the aisle of an Alaska flight from Puerto Vallarta before allegedly assaulting a pilot and being tackled by other passengers. Peter Bradley of Blue Springs, Mo., later pleads innocent to assault and other charges.

--April 24: A bullet from a .357 Ruger handgun, stored in a passenger's luggage, goes off as the luggage is loaded onto an Alaska 737 aircraft. The bullet goes through the deck and lodges in a diaper bag at the feet of a passenger. No one is injured.

--May 3: A passenger on an Alaska flight landing south of Seattle vomits blood on seven other passengers. He dies about two weeks later from liver failure associated with hepatitis C.

--May 19: An Alaska baggage handler with a month on the job dies after a baggage cart rolls forward and crushes him against a plane.

--May 30: Alaska moves to fire two pilots who failed to turn back after oxygen masks dropped from the overhead of their plane and some were depleted on a March 25 flight from Portland, Ore., to San Jose, Calif.

--June 2: The Federal Aviation Administration finds 150 cases of improper maintenance documentation in a ''white glove'' audit. The maintenance in every case had actually been done, but the FAA said it would suspend Alaska's maintenance operations, essentially shutting the airline down, unless it showed a plan for improvement.

--June 5: A flight from San Diego to Portland, Ore., makes an emergency landing in Los Angeles due to problems with the plane's pressurization and air conditioning.

--June 11: Two flight attendants and at least four passengers walk off an Alaska flight, citing safety concerns with the aircraft which were published in a newspaper report that day. Also that day, three flight attendants were slightly injured on another Alaska flight that encountered heavy turbulence.

--June 23: Alaska's top maintenance official, John Fowler, takes early retirement, saying that ''a change needs to occur'' as the airline struggles with maintenance and flight safety issues.

--June 28: A catering truck plows into the wing of a parked MD-80 aircraft, causing enough damage to have the plane removed from service for the Fourth of July weekend.

--June 29: The FAA announces that Alaska has made sufficient improvements to continue doing maintenance on its planes.

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