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Posted: Thursday, June 29, 2006

The 230th birthday of our republic is upon us. Its future depends on increasing the volume of quality citizenship, not the quality of leaders. Here’s why.

Citizen rights are activities, not possessions. Freedoms are willing work and sacrifice, not idle-hour playthings.

How can just electing officials “to make the hard decisions for everyone” be any different than government by benevolent rulers? Historically, elections don’t make people-based government. Civic participation does.

People’s mutual respect for each other’s rights — a sense of community — came before government and law. It’s this that actually empowers rule of law and supports coercive law enforcement on selfish anti-social individuals.

Workable limited government exists in direct proportion to the amount of organized civic participation by well-informed citizens.

Our form of government naturally reverts to elected feudalism and aristocracy when enough citizens don’t participate in it — because its organization no longer functions.

Fruits of sincere citizen minds create higher quality government than special interest money or propaganda — when harvested, organized and used by elected representatives.

Elected officials are vulnerable to selfish manipulation of their human imperfections — the sole source of government corruption. It’s their constituent’s degree of civic involvement that can protect them.

Can we have government of, by and for the people, if we citizens don’t communicate ideas and needs for blending together within our institutions of representation?

So please think on what legacy YOU are transmitting to posterity this Fourth of July.

Stuart Thompson


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