‘Reps’ not representing us well

Posted: Friday, June 30, 2006

In regard to Mr. Murkowski running again for governor, it is not a very good idea, not only for him, but for the people of Alaska.

These past four years tells us just how out of touch our representatives in the capital are with the people who struggle to pay their salary.

It makes me wonder if each of them had to pull a term in office as governor how would they do. Some of the senators and legislators have been away from the real world for so long that they have lost touch of who we are.

How often do they sit and “watch the grass grow?” or “watch the people that they are suppose to help struggle to make ends meet.”

Come on “Reps,” let us grade up as we have Mr. Murkowski.

Can you afford to take a change? We don’t feel we got a very good chance at the polls. There seems to be too much interference from the Party reps pulling strings or favors that we feel we get cheated even if we do vote.

We need answers to a lot of questions. When you campaign, the only ones to get answers are the people from your own party. There isn’t much use to show up if you are not honest with us enough to give us direct feedback.

It’s really hard to feel proud of America when our reps make us feel discarded.

Lee Collins


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