Veteran status alone does not make perfect candidate

Posted: Thursday, July 01, 2004

The amount of rhetoric that comes from retired rear echelon officers never ceases to amaze me. For all the Jerry Ward cronies reading this letter, here's a few facts to clear up the confusion factor.

Sen. Tom Wagoner volunteered to serve his country and was denied due to a medical disability. He has been honest and willing to relate this fact to anyone interested enough to enquire.

Sen. Wagoner and staff have always been attentive to the concerns of his constituency and respond in a timely manner with courtesy.

The 2005 Board of Fish meeting may very well be held in our area next year for the first time in many years. If the meeting does indeed take place here, you can thank Sen. Wagoner for his hard work making it happen.

Just because a person can claim veteran status does not make that person worthy of candidacy with the support of other veterans. Did Jerry Ward serve honorably? No one will know for sure until he makes his DD-214 and-or portions of his service record public.

Whatever Jerry Ward and cronies are selling, many people like me who live in the "real"world are not buying.

No candidate is perfect, but my vote will go to Sen. Wagoner based on facts not fiction or misleading information. In the end, the public as a whole will decide who will be seated and that is one of the reasons we who have served and those who are currently serving have made the effort.

Semper Fi.

Porter W. Pollard


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