Law should be changed

Posted: Monday, July 02, 2007

I think I’ve read every letter that’s been published, concerning Pamela Parson and her dogs that were shot, and I want to say to Ms. Steele and Mr. Disney and the rest of those who attacked her; you are disgusting.

It’s been a while since I read these letters but the venom in which you people spewed out as self-righteous holier-than-thou, kicking the dog when it’s dead attitude toward this lady is again very distasteful and disgusting. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere near you.

I don’t give a rats about the law that allows a person to shoot someone else’s pet animal because it’s on your property; it’s a bad law, and those who want to join me in overturning it, then let’s do just that.

Anyone shooting someone else’s dog is a loser along with this law. You people who would shoot dogs, yes, you may have worked hard to purchase your property and some of you may have had it given to you, but we let moose and every other animal crap on our front porches and just because a dog comes over it deserves to be shot?

No way, and like I said, the law needs to be put to an end. How about three strikes and the “offending” dog owner is fined $200 for the offense of their animals. Usually a warning shot would do the trick, but to kill it?

And Ms. Parson doesn’t have a city attitude. We live in the woods because we don’t want to have our dogs tied up all the time. I also wonder how often animal control and the troopers are called about this issue? Oh, and don’t forget to clean up the moose turds. Yeah right!

Dan Ra


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