Letter prompts reminder to tourists of their role

Posted: Monday, July 03, 2006

In reply to Ms. Hansen’s letter (Clarion, June 28) about locals treating the tourists badly while driving. While she didn’t seem to share the whole story, I kind of got the gist of the situation. Sounded like the typical tourist making a split second decision to either stop or pull over without a signal, or the classic, lane change in a motor home to see wildlife.

We all understand why they are here and respect that. But THEY need to understand you don’t forget your brain at home when they come up here either! If you pulled this garbage when you were down in say California, or any other big city, you would be demolished in a second by another car!

The message is simple, we do not mind tourists, not one bit! Enjoy yourselves while your here! However, drive smart, don’t do stupid things like stop on a dime with your 50 foot motor home or car, as you careen to the side of the road to see a moose while other cars behind you pile up to avoid an accident.

Yes, this is a small town, but it doesn’t mean we all DON’T have places to go and things to do.

Having you here means more cars to avoid and makes our trips to town longer, but we all plan on that when summer comes.

So if you don’t want to get the cryptic nasty gestures from a car window, or get told to “go home,” drive like you would in your own home town.

Trust me, your trip to Alaska will be a lot more enjoyable for you. Have a great summer.

Kara Steele


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