Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sen. Begich should be recalled
Good old Begich is still pleased to be shoveling the fiscal hole bigger and deeper.

Celebrating a different millenium
One thousand, a millennium, is that wonderful number we celebrated a decade ago around the world. It mixed awesome celebrations with deep, profound, and mostly sober thoughtfulness on "What does this mean?"

Enforcement on river should be re-evaluated
Regarding the heavy-handed patrol on the river, (Letter to the Editor, June 25), I would like to commend the by-stander for speaking out about an obvious misuse of power by a Fish and Game officer. So often, people become complacent and just shrug their shoulders as if to say, "What can I do about it anyway?" The angler that was harassed is my son and I'd like to thank this gentleman for showing us all that something can be done and also for coming to his defense and bringing to light that the officer's time wasn't being used to it's best and fullest advantage, which is a total waste of our tax dollars.

An Outdoor View: Trouble in Spit City
The "Halibut Fishing Capital of the World" has got trouble. Oh, they got trouble with a capital "T," that rhymes with "B," and that stands for "business."

New law allows Corps to guard private property
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Alaska District, has received instructions for implementing a new federal law for planning and constructing erosion protection and storm damage reduction projects in Alaska.

Kenai declares emergency bear problem area
The Kenai city manager has declared the area from the eastern municipal boundary extending to a point at approximately Mile 7 of the Kenai Spur Highway to be a bear problem area. The area includes Thompson Park, Beaver Loop and Angler Drive where several incidents involving multiple bears have recently occurred.

'It's a continual struggle': Hunter works to clean up gravel pits
Steve Meyer is trying to maintain the reputation of area hunters by cleaning local gravel pits used for target practice.

4th a big day: Kenai to mark nation, city birthdays
America's local birthday cake -- which will be large enough to feed 2,000 mouths this Sunday -- won't just honor our country. It will also commemorate Kenai's 50th birthday.

Gregory 'Bear' Lynn Dearth
Alaska resident Gregory "Bear" Lynn Dearth died Saturday, June 26, 2010 at home in Kasilof with his family by his side. He was 51.

A skate in the park: Area parks offer boarders a place to skate
Chris Evans skated across the top step of the State Office Building. Evans jumped off and over the black steps and kept his shoes on the board in mid-air. The wheels slammed against the cement and stuttered.

Refuge Notebook: Reed canary grass is marching forward on Peninsula
It may be a damning admission, but I generally don't get very worried about invasive plants, at least in Alaska. I gave up fighting dandelions in the yard years ago and really quite enjoy their fields of yellow blossoms.

Poll Results: Thinking for yourself
The results of last week's Question of the Week to our readers: "Which helps you most in forming your opinions on political issues?" produced results we found surprising and interesting.

Church Briefs

Special speaker slated

49ers come back, beat Twins
One of the neat things about baseball is that each game offers an opportunity to witness something that you've never witnessed before.

Sports Brief: Twin Cities to host Stock Car Challenge
Twin Cities Raceway will host its second annual Stock Car Challenge on Sunday. The challenge is a 50-lap race and started over 20 stock cars last year. Charley Tegerdine earned $500 last year for winning. This year, the winner of the 50-lap race will pay $1,000, while second will get $300 and third will get $200. Additionally, the highest-placing car that is legal for the A-Stock class will receive a bonus $500.

Fire streak past Oilers
The Peninsula Oilers got their road trip to Fairbanks started off on the wrong foot, losing 12-4 to the Athletes in Action Fire on Thursday at Growden Memorial Park in Fairbanks.

Bird Homestead Golf Report: Much-needed rain leads to slow week at Bird Homestead
Another week of our summer is gone. If you haven't been out yet this summer you are missing great fun. We had the KSRM Radio Group staff out last week playing a scramble. They all seemed to greatly enjoy themselves. We welcome anyone who may want to set up a company function like this. What a great way to blow off a little office steam and spend some fun time with your co-workers. Give us a call and we can help you set something up.

Jeff's call: Oilers face Interior test
On the PGA Tour, the cliche goes that a player can't win the four-day tournament on the first day, but that golfer can lose the tournament on the first day.

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