Exxon decision shows it's time for a change

Posted: Friday, July 04, 2008

It is my sincere hope that all readers will take the time to read the Sunday article entitled "Exxon plaintiffs updated." It was enlightening to read just how the Supreme Court voted in its 5-3 decision.

As was stated in the article, the five justices that voted against the plaintiffs receiving their just reward were all appointed by either Reagan or Bush. I would venture to guess that many of the plaintiffs in this legal battle consider themselves to be conservatives and perhaps have generally cast their vote for a Republican candidate for president.

The lack of justice rendered by the Republican appointed justices should be reason enough for voters to take a good look at the upcoming presidential election. The average hardworking American has not been well served by the Republican Party in the past 7 1/2 years. It has proven time and time again that is the party for the wealthy, the party for the upper 1 percent.

It is time to reclaim America and our government for the hard working middle and lower class. Barack Obama is our best hope to reclaim America and re-establish dignity to the working class.

LaDawn Druce


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