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Weather just right for golf

Posted: Thursday, July 05, 2001

The weather is perfect for playing golf. This is certainly one of the warmest summers I can remember in a very long time. I have seen more knees on the golf course this year than any other. The golfers are certainly enjoying themselves and taking advantage of this incredible weather.

The downside is we all need to be so very careful about the fire conditions that exist due to this incredible weather. I am usually a firebug but will not start a small fire in my little fire pit or barbecue. I am also hoping the out-of-control fires are all completely under control very soon.

Coed Golf

This week there was a full field of golfers for the Monday night coed event. Looks like the regulars took home the bacon once again.

Patty and Buzz Rome took the fewest combined putts for the nine-hole event. They also took one of the two mystery holes by carding the lowest total score on the No. 4 hole.

Dave and Shelley Ramsey once again took the mystery hole on No. 7 by carding the lowest combined score.

Jan and Don Erwin had some relatives from Outside , Mr. and Mrs. Mougeot, who joined them in the nine-hole, play-your-own-game event.

It looks like Judy Buffington and Ron Goecke struggled with the last couple of holes due to the sudden drop in temperature. Susan and Jerry May tried to take advantage of the situation.

They all had a great time and look forward to the event each Monday evening starting at 6:30 pm. Any coed team may call in for a tee time on Mondays from 6:30 to 7:00 p.m.

Ladies Night

The ladies had a great evening of golf on their regular Tuesday evening. The team of Lynne Reynolds, Alicia Morgan and Colleen Puch took first place with a 37.

The team of Pam Martinez, Joyce Ross, Nora Satathite and Jessie Winter took second place.

The longest drive was by Lynne Reynolds and Reynolds also took closest to the hole on No. 5. It looks like it was Lynne's night all the way around.

The ladies invite anyone who is interested in golfing each Tuesday evening. It is just for fun and there is really no pressure to perform.

Kenai Cup

The Kenai Cup weekly winners were the Ryan Harvey-Eldon Harvey team, the Doug Jung-Dustin Jung team and the Dick Morgan-Carol Morgan team.

There were two pushes between the teams of Mark Azzara-Tom Allison vs. the Joe Deveaux-Greg Horton team and the Pam Martinez-Felix Martinez team vs. the Don Morgan-Dale Sandahl team.

Playing the front nine, the winners of the weekly matches were the Mike Beals-Tom Hall team, the Noel Widmayer-Rich Edwards team, the John Bania-EZ Hoyez team, the Jim Legner-Craig Jung team and the Jack Evans-Bruce Galloway team.

This Wednesday there will be a nine-hole tournament play for the Kenai Cup players and all interested Kenai Golf Association members. It is a mid-season tourney. I can't believe it is the third of July already. Our golfing season is racing by once again.

Men's Night

The men played a "Hot Seat scramble."

That's when one team member plays his own ball from tee to green and the others play a regular scramble. The team scramble score and the "hot seat scores" are recorded and the final scores are added up as if there were 18 holes of play.

The first place team with an 83 was made up of Rob Smithwick, Dustin Jung, Deryk Anderson, Jerry Norris and Dave Litchfield.

The second place team was made up of Kevin Stalker, EZ Hoyez, Wes Keller, Tim Huffman and Ron Spoontz.

The slugger of the week was Dustin Jung on No. 2. Dustin Jung also got the closest to the pin on No. 5 with 9 feet.

Closest to the pin on No. 9 was Roy Bird with 34 feet, 11 inches.

There were three pure birdies for the evening. John Bania got his pure bird on hole No. 1, EZ Hoyez got his bird on No. 7 and Walt Krieger got his pure birdie on hole No. 5.

Great playing guys!

Ever since the "pure birdie " was started it seems the golfers are so into carding those pure birds all by themselves.

Junior Golf

The second session of the Junior Golf program started Monday. It looks as though the juniors are really getting into golfing. It is great to see so many juniors taking advantage of both the first and the second sessions. The age groups cover all youngsters from the ages of 8 to 17 years of age.

The juniors in Kenai are very fortunate to have a golfing program at the Kenai Golf Course that has received so much support from professional teaching pro Bill Engberg, the Kenai Course, the Kenai Golf Association and several individuals who feel the program is of great benefit to our community. The program has grown each year and many juniors are playing several times a week or daily.

I am amazed how many juniors call in for tee times, they sound younger and younger. I am also amazed how polite they are in calling in their tee times. I do believe this is one the nicest groups of junior golfers Kenai has known.

The juniors are learning the rules and taking care of the course as they play. They are polite and a pleasure to have around the course.

This hasn't always been the case as I have watched the program grow over the last several years. The junior golfers of Kenai are on the move and making great progress.

On August 8 the second junior golf tournament will be held at Kenai Golf Course.

Real Guy Tourney

On Sunday there was an unofficial tournament organized by a couple of avid golfers. It turned out to be an interesting format and the golfers certainly enjoyed playing in it.

The rules called for the golfers to hit their ball as it lies, in other words no winter rules were allowed. The first 18 holes all golfers played their own ball from tee to green then carded the best score between partners for each hole. That is truly a best ball format. The second 18 holes were played by the partners who alternated their shots. Many know it as Scotch doubles.

Both partners hit their drives, both decided which second shot to use, then the alternating continued until the ball was holed.

Both low gross and low net were recognized in the 36-hole event. The team with the lowest gross for the 36 holes was the team of Mark Matarrese and Eldon Harvey with a 152. The team of Nolan Rose and Bill Engberg placed second with a gross score of 160.

The first place low net team was the team of Jim Bradford and Bill Burtram with a low net score of 143. The team of Bobby Bush and Andy Anderson placed second with a gross score of 145.

Golf Clinics

Saturday a swing clinic and a putting, pitching and chipping clinic took place at the Kenai Golf Course from 9 a.m. to noon. It was well attended and Pro Bill is ready to hold other clinics if there is interest in having more clinics each Saturday.

The clinics are for all skill levels and everyone is welcome to attend. The price is $15 for the swing clinic and $10 for the pitching, putting and chipping clinic. Call the clubhouse to get your name on the list.

This is a great opportunity to get started right or to improve your game of golf.

Closing Thoughts

My grandson and I recently spent a week together. By far it is one of my favorite ways to spend my time. We enjoyed flying a kite and had a perfect day for doing just that.

We enjoyed what we call "rubber boot bogging " in the swamp or bog. We see how far we can go exploring and not have our boots fill up with water.

Of course we always find time to spend in a canoe on our favorite lake. We also enjoyed hitting golf balls on the range and played a few holes.

The Kenai Golf Course is a great place to spend time with your loved ones from 8 to 108 years of age. How envious I am to see parents with their youngsters enjoying time on the course together. One of the biggest problems with kids today is they simply grow up way too fast.

See you at the clubhouse.

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