Please don't trash peninsula

Posted: Thursday, July 05, 2007

As we begin to enter the summer recreational season, we come to grips with a growing problem — that of the trash, waste and overuse left behind by vacationers, recreationers and mostly, unfortunately, by us Alaskans and some ill-mannered tourists.

As people come down to the peninsula for a weekend, a day or more, we people who live on the peninsula see the ugly mark left behind: trash and human waste left on the beaches by the mouth of the Kasilof River, the beaches in and around Kenai, Clam Gulch Recreation area, in Ninilchik, Deep Creek, Anchor Point, Homer and surely in Seward.

Please don't tread on the grass areas that are marked off limits down at the mouth of the Kasilof and other areas. And please stay off our properties when there is a no trespassing sign. It isn't your right to just tear the signs down or shoot them up and camp all weekend and then leave your trash behind.

When you come down to our beautiful beaches, rivers, creeks, lakes, state parks and other areas, please be kind and considerate. Whatever you pack in, please pack out, or place in Dumpsters or visit a transfer station during the course of your stay. Most importantly, please make sure those campfires are doused properly.

And, when riding back northbound to Anchorage and beyond, please don't let the gray wastewater line on your RV drain out along the way, or worse yet, at the site where you recreated all weekend. This is a responsible duty that is yours, which is to dispose of your wastewater at a proper dump station.

It's all too easy to place the blame on tourists from the Lower 48, when a good look in your mirror will reveal the real sources of our problems.

Have a great summer, but please, be kind, don't trash Alaska.

Ed Kobak

Clam Gulch

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