Isn't seat belt law for officials, too?

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Friday, July 06, 2007

Boy am I tired of hearing that little treat of a slogan, Click It or Ticket. I am sick of it. It's on the TV, the radio and signs everywhere. Some big fed dollars must have come in. Remember when this law was proposed and then made? The official word was, "We are not going to be actively looking for violators. But if you get in an accident and it was obvious you didn't have your seat belt on, we will issue a minor summons."

Didn't take long for that to go out the window. More big brother, less freedom. Insurance lobbying efforts paid off again.

OK, I can deal with it. But what is next? Maybe all motorcycle riders will have to wear a helmet or maybe everyone in a boat must wear a life jacket at all times, who knows. But add some federal dollars and you and I know it will be something.

Now for the real reason I wrote this letter, not to paint a big red target on my back, but seven of the last 10 people driving a motor vehicle I observed not wearing their seat belt in our local area were law enforcement officials. Hope there is not a double standard here. Oh, by the way, you don't have a chance with me, my 8-year-old daughter won't let me put the key in the ignition without saying, "Dad, click it or ticket." I am going to have to talk to her mother, or maybe not.

Kenny Bingaman


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