Why would companies dump valuable product?

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Friday, July 06, 2007

In reference to Bob Shavelson's letter (Do the right thing, June 29): Mr. Shavelson spews the same lies and untruths as others of his ilk have before him. He would have us believe that in this day and age, the Environmental Protection Agency would allow the oil companies in Cook Inlet to dump "millions of gallons of toxic waste into our fisheries each year."

The oil industry, with the exception of nuclear energy, is the most heavily regulated industry in America. Mr. Shavelson states the oil companies will dump approximately 100,000 gallons of oil into Cook Inlet this year and next. That is about 2381 bbls, at a value of $167,000.

Why would the industry pour into Cook Inlet a valuable product? He also states that over 830,000 pounds of toxic metals will be dumped overboard, as well. Where are these metals coming from?

The truth is that the oil companies are permitted to discharge these amounts of product, however, there is no way that the companies that operate in Cook Inlet and employ local people would or actually could dump those amounts of "toxic waste." Most facilities dispose of their waste in other ways that do not affect Cook Inlet or the local fisheries.

Please don't believe the "chicken littles" among us. Ask the workers who spend their weeks at work out there. They know far more about the operations in Cook Inlet than some feller from Homer who wants to be noticed any way he can.

Calvin Gourley


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