Time to send a message

Posted: Friday, July 07, 2006

After 35-plus years of being a nonpartisan voter, I’ve decided to register as a Republican.

I’ve done this for the sole purpose of enabling me to vote in the August primary which, for non-Republican voters, is a closed election. I feel that this is the only way my vote will count and my voice will be heard.

I will cast my vote and raise my voice in support of Sarah Palin, but more importantly, to express my disgust with Frank Murkowski.

That Frank is calling for a second special session to attempt the same thing that he failed to accomplish in the regular session and subsequent special session is unconscionable and a waste of the House and Senate members’ time and the taxpayers’ money.

By voting Republican in the upcoming primary, I hope to send Frank and his B.S. (aka Ben Stevens) packing.

I urge all Alaskans to get off their butts on Aug. 22 and vote, thereby sending a strong message to the Legislature that they have been elected to represent Alaska, not the oil companies.

Arthur Almon


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