One chance to avoid oil bust

Posted: Wednesday, July 07, 2010

We have one more chance to avoid the Oil Bust -- that's what will happen when the TransAlaska oil pipeline goes down and we don't have a gas pipeline ready to replace it.

Our one and only chance to avoid a major economic collapse is to oust as many incumbents as possible, vote for Bill Walker for Governor on August 24, and get rid of two-thirds of the legislature.

Our jobs, homes, land, and way of life are up for grabs.

The oil pipeline is literally wearing out. It is functioning 15 years past its expected life span. BP is managing it on an "operate to failure basis" and it is failing -- note all the small oil spills. Experts say we will do well to get two more years out of TAPS.

And we have nothing in place ready to replace the income that 85 percent of our economy depends on.

The oil companies have been delaying action on a gas pipeline for decades. They want an Oil Bust, because they will be able to buy up Alaska, both public and private property, for chump change -- if we are dumb enough to let this happen.

Most of the legislature including the Kenai delegates have been going along with the oil company line on this.

It's push to shove now. Oust the incumbents while we still have a chance. Build the All Alaska Gas Pipeline now, or we stand to lose everything we have.

Anna von Reitz

Big Lake

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