Posted: Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Here we are already heading towards the end of our summer here on Alaska. Hunting season begins next month already which pretty much signals the end of our summer or growing season. Dip netting and our best salmon fishing is also in July on the Kenai Peninsula. It also signals the end of summer. Are you going to let your summer slip away from you before you get to enjoy it, too?

Take your family out fishing or camping or even dip netting this summer. Show your children how to dip net and how to put some top quality fish away in a very short time. Make it a family project to go clamming get stocked up on clams for the winter ahead. Many of our out of state guests spend thousands of dollars every year to do the things right under our noses and many of us fail to take advantage of them.

Then there are berries to pick and fresh garden stuff to harvest too. If you don't have your own garden you can probably find it at the farmer market in Soldotna. Hard to beat fresh garden vegetables or fresh berries instead of purchasing store bought ones.

I have been working in the Shirleyville area this summer and have seen three brown bears so far, a sow and a cub, and a boar. It has always amazed me just how fast these animals really are every time I get the opportunity to see them run. I have also seen one black bear too; moose are a little scarce here yet due to the large numbers of predators still here.

It is very dry here this year each time we travel on the road system here we leave a huge plume of dust behind us. I think the dusty dry conditions have greatly contributed to the sore throats and coughing that has plagued the people working here this year. I personally have been battling these cold like symptoms for over a week.

I think perhaps traces of volcanic ash may also be part of our health problems too as there sure are a lot of workers coughing here this year and no rain to hold any of the dust or ash down. Hopefully we can get a little rain here before summer ends and yet not get into a situation to where it rains every day.

The bugs at times get absolutely horrible here as they are out in full force especially mosquitoes but also large numbers of huge horse flies too. These horse flies have been real aggressive too going after you like a bee and not deterred by you swatting at them either. I did manage to swat two at once with my hat but generally they provide you with an aerobic workout before you get them.

Hopefully I can get a chance to get away here in the next few days and do some pike and rainbow fishing too which I enjoy a whole lot more than hunting and killing horse flies.

Hope you had a great 4th of July celebration,

See you next week!

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