Eve 6, Lit to play outdoor show

Posted: Thursday, July 08, 2010

Correction: This story contains incorrect information about the Eve 6 and Lit after-party at Hooligans Saloon in Soldotna. The bands will not be performing during the after-party. The Clarion regrets the error.

If you ever have felt like "own worst enemy" or wanted to put your "tender heart in a blender" you might want to check out the Lit, Eve 6 double-headliner concert outside the Soldotna Sports Center Saturday.

"We've never done anything to this caliber around here," said Molly Poland, owner of Hooligans Lodging and Salon in Soldotna as well Typhoon Entertainment, a start-up booking agent.

Even though the two bands have not been heard on the radio recently, "Lit had five top songs in the top ten and Eve 6 is popular in Alaska," she said.

"We're in Alaska -- everyone's behind on the times a little bit," Poland said.

Sharing the stage with Lit and Eve 6 will be opening act Pilot Touhill and Anchorage's own Static Cycle.

"So you're actually getting four bands for $35 a ticket," Poland said

And even though it's forecasted to rain lightly this weekend, Poland said not to worry because there will be several big tents set up outside the complex.

"There will be big, huge tents so it will be really, really, cool," she said.

Poland said she hopes this concert has a good turnout in order to bring other, bigger bands in the future.

"We're hoping to have a good ticket count so we can do another one in October," she said.

Poland would not say what band she has in mind for the next concert but she did say it would be "ridiculous."

She is hoping her company will be able to put on concerts on the Kenai Peninsula every three months, she said.

After the concert at the Sports Center, Hooligans Saloon will be hosting the bands at an after-party.

They will be performing there for no cover but the maximum occupancy is 200 people, she said.

Be there or might just be your "own worst enemy."

The concert begins outside the Soldotna Sports Center at 5 p.m. Admission is $35.

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