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Posted: Thursday, July 08, 2010

Pride, Honor & Love

Something happened to this great land.

Our flag passes; some don't even stand.

We don't show love; we're not proud of

this remarkable nation and God above.

Too many have given up on our country,

and we've become in a state of debris.

We gave ownership to some land afar,

and our leaders bow to a foreign czar.

Borders are insecure and policies weak;

the Gulf of Mexico oil has sprung a leak,

making a worry and concern down there,

but for others, it's happening elsewhere.

The Ten Commandments are not allowed;

it's taboo to pray in your school out loud.

Most everywhere it's now been approved

to have God and His authority removed.

We are a multi-trillion dollars into debt.

Some folks don't even seem to get upset

about digging the hole deeper each day;

somebody else will surely pay their way.

I'd like to say this statement is untrue,

but many forgot what we all once knew.

We need to get back to the basic truth;

what we should've learned in our youth.

Always give more than what you'll take.

Don't be afraid to ever make a mistake.

Put God and Country first; take a stand.

Be proud, have honor and love your land.

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