Troops in Liberia could stretch military too thin

Posted: Thursday, July 10, 2003

President Bush is right to be hesitant about sending American troops to Liberia. ...

Other nations in the region have pledged to send 3,000 troops, if they are accompanied by 2,000 American soldiers. They argue that the U.S. has a unique interest in Liberia, since it was founded 150 years ago by former American slaves. Until Taylor took power in 1997, the U.S. had close relations with the nation. American soldiers would add credibility and professionalism to the peacekeepers.

While all true, we still have our doubts. The United States can't be the world's policeman. We already have 150,000 troops in Iraq, 10,000 in Afghanistan and several thousand in Bosnia. Our military is stretched thin. ...

It is difficult to stand by and watch innocent people die in an unending civil war. The humanitarian reasons for intervention are powerful, but the U.S. can only do so much.

Journal Star, Peoria, Ill.,

(July 6)

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