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Posted: Sunday, July 10, 2005


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  Inger Deede tries to cool down with a cup of water during the 10-mile event. Temperatures reached the low 70s during Saturday's Rotary Unity Run. Photo by M. Scott Moon

Brandon Newbould has the Unity Trail to himself as he climbs the last hill going into Soldotna during the Rotary Unity Run's 10-mile event. Newbould won the race with a seven-minute lead in 56:12.

Photo by M. Scott Moon

Soldotna High School alumni Ryan Walton, Ari Goldstein and Brandon Newbould showed they still know the way to their alma mater Saturday in the second annual Rotary Unity Run.

Walton, Goldstein and Newbould, along with 14-year-old Holly Kopp, picked up victories at the race, which was held under sunny skies and warm conditions.

Walton, a 2004 graduate of SoHi, won the five-kilometer men's race in 19 minutes, 34 seconds. Kopp, who will attend Cook Inlet Academy as a freshman next school year, won the women's event in 21:55. The five-kilometer course started at Glacier Pontiac Buick GMC on the Kenai Spur Highway and traveled to SoHi.


Ari Goldstein, right, leads Patrica Shipley (154), James Danielson (151), Gerri Litzenberger (178) and Steve Gilles (172) near the beginning of the 10-miler. Goldstein was the women's winner with a time of 1:05.20

Photo by M. Scott Moon

Newbould, a 2000 graduate, won the men's 10-mile race in 56:12. Goldstein, a 2005 graduate, took the women's 10-mile race in 1:05:20. The 10-mile race started at Kenai Central High School and, for the most part, followed the Kenai Spur Highway all the way to Soldotna.

Goldstein was hampered by sore knees during the prep track season this year, but still managed to win the state 1,600- and 3,200-meter runs. Goldstein, who will run cross country and track and field next year at the University of Nebraska, said the problems with her knees have cleared up.

"I've just been doing my exercises and stretching and hoping it doesn't flare up again," Goldstein said.


Inger Deede tries to cool down with a cup of water during the 10-mile event. Temperatures reached the low 70s during Saturday's Rotary Unity Run.

Photo by M. Scott Moon

Goldstein's training program had her doing a long run on Saturday, so she asked her college coach if she could do the Rotary Unity Run instead. Her coach agreed and Goldstein went on to beat runner-up Gerri Litzenberger by about five minutes. Patrica Shipley was third at 1:11:33.

"I've never really raced this far, so I went out conservative," Goldstein said. "At seven miles I felt pretty good, so I picked it up."

While Goldstein's legs were feeling healthy, Newbould was feeling the burn before he even toed the starting line Saturday. On Monday, Newbould did a 22-mile trail run in the Cooper Landing-Russian Lakes area. His legs were burned during the run by cow parsnip.

With the welts still fresh, Newbould ran like his legs were on fire, defeating runner-up Mark Blanning by seven minutes. Kent Peterson was third with a time of 1:05:49.


Inger Deede tries to cool down with a cup of water during the 10-mile event. Temperatures reached the low 70s during Saturday's Rotary Unity Run.

Photo by M. Scott Moon

Newbould, who helped the Soldotna boys to a Class 4A state cross country title in 1999, said he has been running as much as he ever has this summer. He won the eight-mile Turnagain Arm Trail Run in mid-May and the 11-mile Powerline Pass Trail Run in early June.

Newbould said his body seems suited for the longer races and that he envisions himself transitioning to marathon-type distances at some point.

Kopp, who plans to be on the cross country team at CIA, said she tries to run every day in the summer. She appreciated the fact that one of the first things the course did was take runners down the long hill into Soldotna.

"I just really let my legs go and I took off down that hill," Kopp said.

Sarah Walton finished second in the race at 23:43, while Jessi Stenga was third at 23:52.

Walton just completed his freshman year at New Mexico State University, where he is a mechanical engineering major. He does not run for a school team at New Mexico State, but does train on his own.

Walton said he was with a group of runners until the second aid station, which was two-thirds of the way through the course. It was at that point he pulled away from runner-up Max Best (20:13) and third-place finisher Anton Weissenberg (20:52).

The race was put on by the Soldotna and Kenai Rotary Clubs for the second straight year. The clubs take the money raised from the race and use it to support area schools and do community projects.

Steve Stenga, the organizer of the event, said he thought the run was a good idea because there are not a lot of runs on the central Kenai Peninsula and because the Rotary Unity Run is the only central peninsula run that has a distance as long as 10 miles.

There were 93 runners, which is about the size of last year's race. Stenga said that is the perfect size for the race for now, but he said he hopes the event will gradually grow with time.

Rotary Unity Run



5-kilometer finishers

1. Holly Kopp, 21 minutes, 55 seconds; 2. Sarah Walton, 23:43; 3. Jessi Stenga, 23:52; 4. Trish Kopp, 23:56; 5. Jenni Mishler, 24:41; 6. Mary Stenga, 24:41; 7. Elizabeth Scarlett, 25:50; 8. Allison Ostrander, 26:09; 9. Barbara Bellumini, 27:40; 10. Olga Weissenberg, 28:00; 11. Jamie Pearson, 28:18; 12. Freya Chay, 28:24; 13. Connie Wheat, 29:13; 14. Pat Walton, 29:31; 15. Bridgette Attleson, 30:10; 16. Georgie Heaverley, 30:56; 17. Taylor Ostrander, 31:10; 18. Bethany McMilin, 32:49; 19. Samantha Schoelser, 32:53; 20. Amy White, 33:00; 21. Sammie Cole, 41:01; 22. Adeena Wilcox, 41:54; 23. Madeleine Wilcox, 41:54; 24. Joan Miller (and infant Sasha), 45:45; 25. Betty Dean, 47:45; 26. Tammy Turnbull, 49:40; 27. Shelly Endsley, 49:41; 28. Shannon Shaw, 49:41; 29. Connie Nelson, 52:00; 30. Linda Paul, n/a.

10-mile finishers

1. Ari Goldstein, 1:05:20; 2. Gerri Litzenberger, 1:10:24; 3. Patrica Shipley, 1:11:33; 4. Rachel Goldstein, 1:14:06; 5. Kenda Blanning, 1:15:47; 6. Teresa Ostrander, 1:16:18; 7. Alee Rowley, 1:19:31; 8. Denise Newbould, 1:20:20; 9. Candace Goldstein, 1:24:26; 10. Laura Rooper, 1:25:40; 11. Camille McLeod, 1:27:02; 12. Shelli Furlong, 1:29:20; 13. Jeff Bellumini, 1:30:30; 14. Inger Deede, 1:33:35; 15. Diedre O'Neill, 1:34:05; 16. Tammy Strausbaugh, 1:34:22; 17. Pamela Russell, 1:36:51; 18. Heidi Metteer, 1:41:29; 19. Viorica Thompson, 1:43:29; 20. Charise Carlson, 1:50:55; 21. Heather Gaines, 1:50:56; 22. Donna Lester, 1:53:02; 23. Janice Magee, 1:53:56; 24. Julie Niederhauser, 2:03:29; 25. Maria Sweppy, 2:16:28; 26. Forrest Nelson, 2:23:16; 27. Janice Tuter, 2:31:13; 28. Tammi Bond, 2:42:00.


5-kilometer finishers

1. Ryan Walton, 19:34; 2. Max Best, 20:13; 3. Anton Weissenberg, 20:52; 4. Ryan McMilin, 21:17; 5. John Roderick, 21:51; 6. Tyler Best, 22:13; 7. Jay Rohloff, 22:26; 8. John Conner, 23:55; 9. Kyle Scarlet, 24:12; 10. Tim McFarland, 25:22; 11. Mathew Walton, 25:38; 12. Ben Welles, 28:09; 13. Pat King, 28:49; 14. Kenley Scarlet, 30:01; 15. Paul Ostrander, 31:09; 16. Josh Schmitt, 35:33; 17. Xander Miller, 45:45.

10-mile finishers

1. Brandon Newbould, 56:12; 2. Mark Blanning, 1:03:12; 3. Kent Peterson, 1:05:49; 4. James Danielson, 1:06:20; 5. Steve Gilles, 1:08:26; 6. Bill Coghill, 1:12:42; 7. Michael Wicker, 1:15:58; 8. Ian McLeod, 1:17:07; 9. Jeff Smith, 1:18:15; 10. Mike Knobler, 1:19:06; 11. Jeff Mailloux, 1:19:15; 12. Tim Middleton, 1:22:29; 13. Mackenzie Miller, 1:25:22; 14. Allan Miller, 1:25:23; 15. Malcolm Rooper, 1:25:55; 16. David Paul, 1:31:17; 17. Glen Tinker, 1:33:12; 18. Paul Knight, 1:39:59.

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