Locking up a solution on prisoners

Posted: Tuesday, July 10, 2007

After bringing up the CRP (Conservation Reserve Program), I thought of an excellent idea for the prison problem-debate in Alaska. One property for sale in Texas for example, with a total of 830 acres selling for $410,850 has 769 acres of that property registered in the CRP program with a yearly pay back of $25,377 through the year 2018. Two sides of the property have paved frontage and said to be a great area for a wind farm. So instead of building a prisons in Alaska, buy a piece of Texas and build one there.

The small town of 13,000 close by could supply the guards and workers and we don't have to waste good land that could be used for crops or homes or destroy wildlife habitat. And a few wind generators can help supply the electric needed for their operations. And the best part, it can be a one way ticket out of Alaska for criminals Alaska doesn't want back. When they get out, they're home.

What better way to keep repeat offenders off Alaska streets and get paid in the process. Plus, Alaska could charge other states to house their offenders to help with the cost of transporting Alaska's offenders. Eight hundred thirty acres is over a square mile and should be plenty large enough for any future expansions, if needed.

Charlie Disney


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