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Posted: Thursday, July 11, 2002

Clarion editorial resorts to historical Ward bashing

Re: Voters must decide which candidates best represent them.

The Clarion erred in the fourth paragraph, second sentence: "It doesn't matter that Ward continues to do business in Anchorage and owns a home there." This sentence leaves the impression the business and the structure (home) are two separate entities or structures housing each separately. The fact is the home is the business with several real estate brokers utilizing the rooms contained therein as office space. A very cost effective decision on the part of Jerry and Margaret Ward. How many small businesses are conducted out of personal residences on the Kenai Peninsula? The Clarion should entertain and conduct a survey in that regard.

Most of the media photos depicted of the Ward personal residence in Nikiski have been with ice and snow present. When snow and ice are present, Sen. Ward is in Juneau during the legislative season. After that he probably takes a vacation which brings us up to probably June of a typical year.

Because Sen. Ward still represents South Anchorage and a large part of the Kenai Peninsula through Dec. 31, of course, his time is split between Nikiski and Anchorage for the balance of this year. The state also provides Sen. Ward an office in Anchorage as well as an office in Kenai. Maybe the Clarion prefers Sen. Ward to occupy one state office? Tell us where.

The Clarion also brings up their take on the candidate's past performance, skills and abilities, and character via veiled innuendoes contained therein. Remember the voters, not the Clarion, will decide the fitness of any candidate for public office.

We hope the Clarion will cease their historical Sen. Ward bashing. It is obvious to us this is the case. The readers of this letter hopefully will be afforded an equal opportunity to comment on the bashing.

Bill and Samon Arnold


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