Fake bills linked to Anchorage operation

Posted: Friday, July 11, 2003

FAIRBANKS (AP) Fake $100 bills circulated around Fairbanks in the past few weeks may be connected to a counterfeiting operation in Anchorage, police said.

About seven $100 bills were passed at fast food restaurants and convenience stores starting the last week of June, said Fairbanks Police Officer Phil James. No counterfeit bills have surfaced in the past week.

A suspect was identified after trying to pass one at a Kentucky Fried Chicken on July 1. Police arrested Sigmund Buchanan, 30, on unrelated charges and questioned him, James said.

Buchanan had three counterfeit bills that have been connected to fake money circulated around town by other people, James said.

All the fake bills had the same serial number.

Buchanan told police he had gotten the money in ''a drop from Colombians'' from Anchorage and it was drug-related, James told the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner.

''It sounded so hokey at the time,'' but since the bust in Anchorage, the suspect's comments have made more sense, James said.

An Anchorage man was arrested Tuesday and charged with running a counterfeit money operation.

Christopher Clark, 25, was charged with forgery, misconduct involving a controlled substance and misconduct involving a weapon.

Clark was arrested after a McDonald's restaurant notified police that a customer tried to use fake bills.

Police traced the suspect to a trailer park where they found counterfeit money and computers, scanners and printers that were allegedly used to produce the bills.

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